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16 Craft Chocolate Craft Cocktails to Sweeten Your Valentine's Day

Chocolate and Valentine's Day go together like Romeo and Juliet, Tigger and Pooh, or Harold and Maud. It's one of those few things in life that are inseparable, but that also means that sometimes the pairing can become old hat. Add a little spice back into this famous coupling by reinventing the way you indulge. Instead of a simple square of chocolate or an uninventive choco-tini, try something a little more outside the box. Try one of these 16 chocolate cocktails that are sure to get your heart pounding.

1. Chocolate Strawberry Martini

This is the ultimate Valentine's Day pairing in drink form. There need be no other reason to try this chocolate martini on February 14th. Mix up white creme de cacao, strawberry vodka, fresh strawberries, and vanilla ice cream in a blender and process until smooth. Shake the mixture in a cocktail shaker with ice cubes and pour into a martini glass. Decorate the dessert cocktail with dark chocolate garnish.

Get the recipe here.

2. Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Hopefully, this Valentine's Day is one of those cold ones when even a steaming mug of hot chocolate isn't enough to shake off the chill. That will give you the perfect excuse to upgrade your hot cocoa with the addition of red wine. When it comes to warm cocktail recipes, this one takes the cake.

Think of this drink as a natural defroster. Get the recipe here.

3. S'mores Kahlúa Cocktail with Coconut Milk

If you like the idea of a creamy, chocolate-spiked, alcoholic beverage but just can't get used to the cream liqueur texture, then this cocktail is for you. Light and flavorful, using coconut milk is a perfect addition, especially when you line your glass with toasted coconut chips.

Get the recipe here.

4. Spiced Chocolate

Sometimes simplicity is the best. Like a good cup of coffee, the punch hidden in this drink is deceptive.

With a melody of chili, chocolate, and tequila you are sure to satisfy your every craving in the first sip. Get the recipe here.

5. Twix and Chocolate Cocktail

On a holiday dedicated to chocolate, you may as well indulge. To do so properly you must do the following: buy some holiday-themed candy, whip out your blender, and make yourself a boozy milkshake.

You'll never look at chocolate cocktails the same. Get the recipe here.

6. Hot Chocolate Cocktail

As Valentine's Day falls in the middle of February, you don't always want to celebrate with a cold drink.

Solve this dilemma by indulging in a warm creamy drink that is a flavorful cocktail of fireside cuddles and nostalgia. The chocolate liqueur mixes perfectly with the hot cocoa mix. Don't forget the marshmallows! Get the recipe here.

7. A Very Grown-Up Chocolate Cognac Cocktail

For those of you who don't like the creamy sensation associated with most chocolatey drinks, here is your solution. Ditch the artificially-flavored dairy and dial down the sweetness and instead enjoy the bitterness, herbaceousness, and oakiness of true cocoa beans.

You'll find yourself sipping your drink slowly and feeling like a full-fledged adult. Get the recipe here.

8. Bourbon Chocolate Mint Shake

Who says chocolate cocktails can't incorporate other flavors like mint? With a drizzle of chocolate, a sprig of mint, and a drop of vanilla, these perfectly proportioned flavors are sure to convince your date to be your valentine (even if it's only to get you to make these more often.)

Top this shake with grated chocolate, whipped cream, and a maraschino cherry.

Get the recipe here.

9. White Chocolate + Bourbon Cocktail

This is essentially dessert in a cup. The smokey, honied taste of bourbon pairs surprisingly smoothly with vanilla-scented white chocolate to blend into a sip-able splendor.

Get the recipe here.

10. The North Pole Cocktail

Sure, this is a supposedly Christmas cocktail, but who says you can't repurpose it? After all, the flavors pair perfectly with Valentine's day. Just maybe forego the gold glitter.

Get the recipe here.

11. Tiger's Eye

Want to indulge in a chocolatey libation without all the cream and calories? Yeah, we all do. That's why the women at Stir and Strain and The Thinking Girl's Guide to Drinking worked to develop an alternative to high-sugar, high-fat, artificially flavored drinks.

The result is a chocolate-orange, cacao-filled indulgence. Get the recipe here.

12. Bourbon Cherry S'Mores Milkshake

Chocolate, cherry, s'mores, bourbon milkshake?! Can you find a reason not to put this on your Valentine's and/or Galentine's menu?

Get the recipe here.

13. Nutty Spiced Chocolate

Sugar and spice is usually everything nice. However, sometimes you need a little something nutty to round out these flavors.

Add a splash of Frangelico and immediately you will add some depth to your hazelnut, chocolate beverage. Get the recipe here.

14. Lavender and White Chocolate Boozy Milkshakes

Subtle floral notes give this boozy milkshake a sophisticated feel. Since you obviously want to class up your Valentine's with a bouquet of flowers, chocolate, and booze, why wouldn't you roll them all into one decadent beverage?

Get the recipe here.

15. Black Velvet

Pair the brilliant elegance of champagne with the silky texture of chocolate in this layered cocktail.  It is so beautiful that it might even get to double as table deco.

Get the recipe here.

16. Chocolate Cupcake Cocktail

This Valentine's Day, have your cake and drink it, too! Loaded with chocolatey flavor and made beautiful with a dusting of sprinkles, you'll feel like a kid in a candy store with an adult twist.

Get the recipe here.

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