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How to Make Delicious Bourbon-Soaked Caramel Apples

Halloween is still fun for adults, even if we can no longer trick-or-treat. Sure, kids have candy and costumes, but they don't get to indulge in bourbon-infused caramel apples. Yes, you did read that correctly.

These two ingredients make the perfect autumn treat for adults. While bourbon warms you to the bone, the caramel apples create that wonderful sugary candy jolt. The chefs over at The Savory figured out how to fuse these two flavors into one satisfying, and very adult, caramel apple.

This drunken caramel apple recipe starts with a slow infusion process, by soaking peeled apples in bourbon for two days. Once the apples are fully saturated, they are dipped into a homemade caramel sauce with another splash of bourbon.

The video below gives a heavenly sneak peek of this spooky and magical recipe. And it's not nearly as difficult as it sounds if you have a saucepan handy to make the spiked caramel sauce. In fact, most of the recipe magic comes from the infusion process. You could almost serve the apples as they are. Halloween party, anyone?

Most people think caramel apples are part of the Halloween pre-season. But their history actually appears to start right after the original Halloween candy craze. A Kraft Foods employee named Dan Walker most likely invented the modern version of caramel apples to use up excess caramel candies from Halloween. He melted the leftover caramel candy into a sauce and added fresh apples in 1950. The rest is now Halloween history.

A decade later, a Chicago man named Vito Raimondi patented the first caramel apple machine in Chicago in 1960. If you go back even further in caramel apple history, a candy shop owner invented candy apples in New Jersey around 1908.

Yet, it took another 100 years before someone thought to pair bourbon with a sticky, sweet apple. At least we all know the secret to making the perfect caramel apple this fall and will no longer have to make due with the apples of old.

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How to Make Delicious Bourbon-Soaked Caramel Apples