Calling All Cookies & Creme Lovers, There's Now a Twix Cookies & Creme Ice Cream Bar

Hey snack companies, sometimes all you need to do is make another version of an existing product by adding a flavor everyone loves to it. We see it with pickles and jalapenos all the time! Take Lay's and Doritos for an example. As long as there's a new edition of an existing chip with jalapenos added, spicy chip lovers are all over it. The same concept works in the candy world with cookies and creme. For example, the Twix Cookies and Creme Ice Cream Bar.

Long ago, Twix released the Twix Cookies and Creme Candy Bars. They were a hit and we drove Twix crazy with positive feedback of the creme Twix. Fast forward to 2020 and the Twix creme bars are making a comeback with a twist we won't be able to resist. Twix Cookies and Creme Ice Cream Bars have been spotted in a 7-Eleven. Check out this social media post!

As a 90s kid, I often found myself looking in gas station freezers for the newest and trendy junk food. Looks like I'll have to tap into my inner child because I'll be searching for the new Twix cookies and creme bar next time I'm near a 7-Eleven freezer. Can you imagine Twix's soft-creme center with ice cream?

Oh my, the delicious white chocolate and crunchy cookie bits will be so tasty frozen. Does anyone else put their Kit-Kats and Hershey's bars in the fridge for that cold milk chocolate flavor? You have to try it if you haven't yet! If you already know that trick, you probably have a sweet tooth for cold and crispy chocolate food like me.

I love my Oreo and Snickers ice cream, but classic Twix bars hold a special place in my heart. I can't wait to give these a try! To satisfy your caramel and creme-filling cravings, for now, check out Walmart or Amazon for cookies and creme Twix bars.

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