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Snickers White is Back on Store Shelves

It's back for good! Snickers White, the white chocolate-covered candy bar, is coming back to the grocery store shelf after its limited-release was deemed very successful. That's right, white chocolate snickers are becoming a permanent addition to the Mars Candy family.

What is Snickers White?

Containing the same nougat, peanuts, and caramel as the original, the only thing different about the chocolate bar is the chocolate! While classic Snickers bars feature a coating of milk chocolate, Snickers White is topped with a robe of decadent white chocolate. Somebody pinch me.

"We received a resounding positive response from fans when we launched SNICKERS White as a limited edition offering last year," said Josh Olken, Brand Director, SNICKERS. "As we continue to see the demand for white chocolate grow, we're excited to present this new take on our classic SNICKERS for more fans to enjoy."

The candy will be available starting in January 2020 in Single (1.41 ounces) and Share (2.84 ounces) sizes.

This isn't the first time white chocolate has made an appearance in the Mars Candy family. Recently M&M'S® White Chocolate, M&M'S White Chocolate Peanut and TWIX® White Chocolate were added to shelves.

M&M's White Chocolate


M&M's White Chocolate Peanut


Twix White Chocolate


What is White Chocolate?

Unlike milk or dark chocolate, white chocolate contains no cocoa solids. It is made from cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids, making it sweeter than other kinds of chocolate. Because of this, it's been highly debated if white chocolate is actually chocolate. According to Bon Appetit, white chocolate is not "technically" chocolate because it lacks what makes chocolate, chocolate.

Whichever way you look at it, white chocolate candy is delicious. So what if it's not "technically" chocolate. It's sweet and darn good to boot.

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