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25 Rising Country and Americana Stars to Watch in 2024

25 artists setting the groundwork for the genre's future.

In the vast constellation of country music, a new class of stars is rising, each shining with their unique brilliance. These are the artists who, fresh from their breakout moments on shows such as "The Voice" and "American Idol," are rapidly becoming the genre's new torchbearers.

With a mix of raw authenticity and innovative sounds, they're expanding the horizons of country music. Artists including Bryce Leatherwood, who captured hearts and votes to become the winner of "The Voice" Season 22, are now translating TV success into tangible stardom with sold-out tours and significant record deals. Meanwhile, "American Idol" finalist HunterGirl is channeling her competitive spirit into hit singles that resonate with fans far beyond the show's stage.

This surge of new talent isn't just about individual achievements; it's a collective push against the boundaries of traditional country music. These rising stars, with their viral hits and rapidly growing fan bases, are not just passing phenomena but artists setting the groundwork for the genre's future. They're the embodiment of country's enduring spirit, infused with the fresh energy of the present, making them the ones to watch as they ascend to new heights in the music industry.

Here's our list of 25 rising country stars to watch in 2024.


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