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'American Idol': HunterGirl Rocks the Crowd With Rascal Flatts’ Performance; Gets Praised as 'Entertainer'


Huntergirl, whose real name is Hunter Wolkonowski, is definitely becoming a fan favorite on American Idol, proving that she was meant to be a star. Sunday night's episode of American Idol showcased the Top 24 contestants. The 23-year-old  performed Rascal Flatts' "Banjo." This week's episode took place at Disney's Aulani Resort Diamond Spa located in Hawaii.

"The thing that makes me nervous is that I'm not playing guitar this time," she told Jimmie Allen, who is a mentor this season, referring to her guitar as a "safety blanket." She had nothing to worry about; she quickly got the crowd going as soon as she began to sing and received a standing ovation.

Following her performance, Katy Perry praised the singer, saying, "I ain't worried about you, girl; you know how to work a crowd. People want to party with you, you know how to party. I want to party with you. You know, it's the first time I have ever seen you without a guitar. I felt like, if I can be a little honest, there were a couple of tiny little pitch things that I had never heard from you. So I don't know if that was a product of you not strumming on guitar and stuff, but as I said, I'm not worried about you."


"The fact that you have the sense to come out here and play the song on the beat, you get people dancing and I love the song choice," Luke Bryan told her. "The fact that you can get away from your guitar, entertain the crowd, and have fun is a big huge feather in your cap. Good job!"

Last but not least, Lionel Richie praised the singer.

"What makes it interesting is to watch the crowd and how you do this one little word called 'entertain'. Believe it or not, what most people don't understand is that the artist is the one who directs the crowd," Richie said.


That platinum ticket was put to good use!

The audience now has the ability to say who will move forward in the singing competition by voting on American Idol Season 20 will return on Monday, April 11, on ABC with 12 performances for the Top 24.

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