Screengrab of Bryce Leatherwood's blind audition on 'The Voice.'
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'The Voice': Bryce Leatherwood Went Old School With Conway Twitty Cover


The Voice contestant Bryce Leatherwood went old school for his blind audition by singing "Goodbye Time," a song first heard as a 1988 Conway Twitty single. It was taken back to the Top 10 in 2005 by Blake Shelton.

Fittingly, Leatherwood's rendition of Shelton's version landed him a spot on Team Blake, following chair turns by not just his coach-to-be but also John Legend and Gwen Stefani.

"You sounded fantastic," Legend said. "I heard the richness in your voice. And no matter what genre we sing, it's about that charisma you have as an artist."


"What I like about you is your character," the leader of Team Gwen added. "We're here for the voices, but also here for the personality. I think that's important even though I'm not country. I'm into country. I'm a part-time Oklahoma girl now and a good coach."

Camila Cabello offered high praise, as well, stating: "You have an incredible voice. There's just, you have better coaches than me. I know if I'm like, 'Hey! Sing a Bad Bunny song,' you're going to wanna kill me. But, you are incredibly talented."

Yet Shelton won out in the end.

"I wanted to get my push in before you got to the chorus, because I could tell you already hit the two tough notes," Shelton said. "I was blown away. And, what a great country name -- Leatherwood."


The 22 year old from Woodstock, Ga. recently graduated from Georgia Southern University, which is in the same college town (Statesboro) that brought us American Idol judge Luke Bryan.

NBC's The Voice season 22 debuted on Monday (Sept. 19), with Leatherwood's audition airing the following night. On the singing competition's second episode (Sept. 20), 15-year-old pop-country singer Brayden Lape joined Kate Kalvach on Team Blake. As did Kevin Hawkins, whose rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely'" earned a four-chair turn.

In addition, Legend blocked Shelton on night two to score country-rocker Peyton Aldridge for Team Legend.

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