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10 of Reba McEntire's Best Acting Roles

Outside of Reba McEntire's incredible country music career, she's proven that she is quite the actress. She's brought her wit, humor and strength to the screen and managed to create quite a career for herself in Hollywood. 

Though she has a lengthy IMDB page, we've rounded up our 10 favorite TV and film appearances from this country queen.

1. Reba

This list wouldn't be complete without McEntire's starring role in her own WB sitcom, Reba. The country star starred in the series for six seasons. The show followed Reba Hart, a single mom raising her three children while dealing with her ex-husband, who left her for his dental hygienist. The show is hilarious and full of heart, which is probably why it was the most popular series on the WB in its debut year. 

2. Malibu Country

Following the success of Reba, McEntire starred in a second sitcom on ABC, Malibu Country. McEntire plays a singer on the show who had to put her dreams on the back burner to raise her children while her husband was pursued a country career. After her husband cheats on her, she moves the family out to Malibu for a fresh start and finally pursues her own career. Despite having a great cast, including Lily Tomlin as Reba's mother, the show was canceled after 18 episodes. 

3. Secret of Giving

In this TV movie, McEntire starred as Rose Cameron, a widow living in the Old West at the turn of the century. While she's struggling with debt, a handsome stranger helps her rediscover the meaning of Christmas and maybe find love in the process. As usual, McEntire plays a tough cookie who doesn't give up easily, even when it seems like all odds are against her.

4. North

North follows a young Elijah Wood as the titular character who leaves his family in search of the perfect parents. McEntire plays Ma Tex, one of the parental options along his journey alongside Dan Aykroyd as Pa Tex. They serenade the young child in an entertaining Bonanza musical number before he moves on.

5. The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw

In this TV movie, McEntire plays a madame named Burgundy Jones who helps a gambler in town round up enough money to participate in one last poker tournament before gambling is outlawed.

6. Buffalo Girls 

In this star-studded Wild West miniseries, McEntire plays Annie Oakley. Anjelica Huston plays Calamity Jane, Sam Elliott plays Wild Bill Hickok, Melanie Griffith plays Dora DuFran, Gabriel Byrne plays Ted Blue and Peter Coyote plays Buffalo Bill Cody. Literally all your favorite Old West characters in one story — it's a cowboy fan's dream miniseries. 

McEntire wows as the fiery Annie Oakley, a role she also played in the Broadway revival of Annie Get Your Gun. Luckily the entire series is streaming on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. 

7. Forever Love 

In this dramatic TV movie, McEntire plays Lizzie Brooks, a young mother who goes into a coma. She wakes up 20 years later to her adult daughter, her husband (Tim Matheson) and her best friend (Bess Armstrong), who moved in with the family to help take care of her. The country singer does an impressive job showing off her dramatic acting chops as the family adjusts to their new normal.  

8. Is There Life Out There?

In another TV movie, McEntire plays a young mother, Lily Marshall, who has dreams of going back to school and finishing her degree. She struggles with pursuing her dream, working a part-time job and being away from her family.

9. Tremors

Who could forget McEntire's film debut about flesh-eating worm monsters? The film has strangely become a classic. It also starred Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Finn Carter and Michael Gross. There have been multiple sequels including a short-lived TV series. 

McEntire plays Heather Gummer, an eccentric survivalist, who works with her husband to assist Kevin Bacon and the others defeat the bizarre worms. In one of the most memorable scenes in the film, Heather and her husband Burt take down a monster that busts through the wall of their basement.

10. The Little Rascals

The '90s remake of The Little Rascals is pure nostalgia. It also potentially has the most stacked cast of child actors of all time. They did a great job bringing back the characters that originated in the Our Gang comedy shorts, which first aired in the '20s  — Alfalfa (Bug Hall), Darla (Brittany Ashton Holmes), Spanky (Travis Tedford), Stymie (Kevin Jamal Woods), Froggy (Jordan Warkol), Petey the dog, Porky (Zachary Mabry), Waldo (Blake McIver Ewing), Buckwheat (Ross Bagley), and Uh-Huh (Courtland Mead). The he-man woman-haters clubhouse is totally adorable and perfectly captures the young friendships of Alfalfa, Spanky and their gang.

McEntire plays one of the few grown-ups in the film, A.J. Ferguson. She is Spanky's favorite race car driver (much to his surprise that she's a girl) who he meets when he wins the go-cart race at the end of the film. Mel Brooks, Lea Thompson, Darryl Hannah, Whoopi Goldberg and Donald Trump also have cameos in the film.

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