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6 Lessons We Learned From Watching 'Reba'

Reba McEntire's sitcom, Reba, was an unexpected hit right off the bat. Not only was it the most popular show on the network during its debut season, but it also generated a loyal fanbase who loved tuning in to see the country star and her onscreen family every week for six seasons.

The show followed single mom Reba Hart, her ex-husband played by Christopher Rich, his mistress played by Melissa Peterman, and Reba's three children — Cheyenne (JoAnna Garcia Swisher), Kyra (Scarlett Pomers) and Jake (Mitch Holleman). It also featured Cheyenne's loveable, goofy boyfriend Van Montgomery (Steve Howey). Sadly, the show was canceled after the WB became the CW, but we still got tons of laughs and feel-good moments from those six seasons. 


Here are some of the best life lessons the show taught us during its time on the air. 

1. You don't have to be best friends with your ex-husband's new wife, but you don't have to hate her either

Sure, Brock Hart cheated on Reba with his dental hygienist, Barbra Jean. But Reba takes the high road. Now, she doesn't love her. And at first, she honestly does hate her a little. But B.J. is such a lovable homewrecker who thought Reba was her friend, Reba eventually comes around and changes her perspective. When in doubt, going through a meaningful experience together like, say, scaling a wall, also helps generate a bond.

2. Just because life doesn't go as planned, it doesn't mean it can't be great

One of the integral parts of the plot involves Cheyenne revealing in the pilot episode that her high school boyfriend, Van, got her pregnant. But they stay together, have their baby (who they name Elizabeth) and get married. We also learned that babies will come whenever they are ready...even if it's in the middle of high school graduation. 

3. Sometimes being uncomfortable is the right choice

Van's family kicks him out when he decides to stand by Cheyenne and marry her after finding out about the pregnancy. Reba tries to convince Cheyenne to go to a special school while she waits for the baby to come, but instead of avoiding the nasty rumors and potential cruelty, she wants to stay at her school and graduate with Van and their friends. Pretty gutsy! 

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4. Talking to your kids about drugs is probably going to be...awkward

Barbra Jean tries asking middle child Kyra if any of her friends smoke pot when she first starts high school. It turns a bit awkward when Kyra turns it back on her and her father, asking if they've ever done drugs. It's probably best to be prepared for them to turn the tables on you if you bring it up. Fair is fair. 

5. You can use your past to help others 

On the show, Cheyenne develops a drinking problem and ends up going to AA to deal with it. But Reba calls her out for starting to smoke as a replacement. Luckily, Cheyenne decides to change her college major from dentistry to counseling so she can help others who are suffering from drug or alcohol abuse. It's an admirable choice. 

6. Sometimes you just need to sing

In this episode, Cheyenne has been sneaking out. When Reba and Barbra Jean follow her, they discover that she's been singing at a karaoke bar...and she's terrible. But she's having fun and B.J. even gets Reba up on the stage to sing "9 to 5" and actually loosen up a little bit. Moral of the story: who cares if you're tone deaf? If it's fun, get up on that stage!



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