Reba McEntire, Melissa Peterman Team Up for 'Reba' Quarantine Sketch

Actress Melissa Peterman, right, has some fun on stage with host Reba McEntire at Muhammad Ali's Celebrity Fight Night XVI Saturday, March 20, 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona. (AP Photo/Ralph Freso)

Reba McEntire and her friend and former co-star Melissa Peterman revived their characters from the sitcom Reba for a sketch about how Reba and Barbra Jean (Peterman) would handle life in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic.

The clip, which McEntire shared on social media, opens with Barbra Jean hiding in a closet from her husband Brock. She's sending a message to her best friend, Reba.

"Girl, I'm going crazy. I'm hiding in the closet right now because Brock and Henry are driving me crazy," Barbra Jean says. "They've painted a giant checkerboard on the living room floor and they're using frozen pizzas as checkers. I had to trade in all my beanie babies for toilet paper and every day I've started to turn the clocks back 15 minutes so I can start drinking earlier."

The clip then cuts to Reba's response.

"You might even be a welcome visitor but we can't. We're in quarantine...Video chat me back or whatever," Reba says.

Barbra Jean offers some comfort to her friend...and the audience.

"Stay strong," she says. "Pretty soon we'll be together again."

The video ends with a message that reads "Stay Healthy."

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The TV show Reba ran from 2001 to 2007. The show, set in the Houston suburbs, starred McEntire as single mother Reba Nell Hart. At the beginning of the show, McEntire's ex-husband Brock has left her to marry Barbra Jean, who Reba reluctantly befriends over the course of the series.

Back in 2019, McEntire teased the possibility of a Reba reboot.

Earlier this year, McEntire guest starred on Young Sheldon.

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Reba McEntire, Melissa Peterman Team Up for 'Reba' Quarantine Sketch