Remember Reba McEntire's Brother, Pake McEntire?

We all know and love Reba McEntire, but did you know that she has an older brother who had his own country music career? That's right. Allow me to introduce you to Del Stanley "Pake" McEntire. 

Reba and her siblings grew up loving music in their home state of Oklahoma. Her first recording even included Pake and their sister Susie Luchsinger, when she was only 12, "The Ballad of John McEntire." The family performed music as a touring group, the "Singing McEntires," until Reba left for college. They performed at rodeos all throughout the Midwest. It was really no surprise that each McEntire sibling was prepared to pursue their own solo careers after years of touring. 

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While Susie was drawn to gospel music, Pake McEntire was signed to RCA Nashville in 1986. His first single from Too Old To Grow Up Now, "Every Night," charted at No. 20 on the country charts followed by his biggest hit, "Savin' My Love for You" which peaked at number three on the Billboard chart. "Bad Love," "Too Old to Grow Up Now," and "Heart vs. Heart" also performed well on the album. 

Pake's second album with RCA, My Whole World, had a couple of minor successes with "Good God, I Had It Good" and "Life in the City." A few more albums followed with smaller labels, but Pake had his moment at the top. He returned to his home state where he currently runs a 1,000 acre ranch near Coalgate, Oklahoma. 

The elder McEntire has also been passionate about the rodeo since he moved back home, following in the footsteps of their father, Clark McEntire, who was a World Champion steer roper. The McEntire family continues to be close knit. Considering three children were able to find success in the music career, it seems they have some strong musical genes.

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Remember Reba McEntire's Brother, Pake McEntire?