Falling for Christmas

40 Netflix Christmas Movies to Cuddle Up With This Holiday Season

Family dramas, romances and comedies to light up your holiday.

Lifetime and the Hallmark Channel have long been the frontrunners in Christmas entertainment. But in the past few years, Netflix has proven that they aren't skimping on festive holiday flicks that run the gamut from animated children's adventures to Yuletide romances. 

Sure, one of the best parts about the holidays is enjoying quality time with your family and friends. While there are certainly plenty of things you can do without the distraction of a screen, holiday movies are a great way to bring everyone together to rediscover the magic of the season, as told through some feel-good stories. Add in a cozy fireplace and the experience really can't be beaten. 

Netflix has annually released popular holiday films like A Christmas Prince and The Knight Before Christmas that let fans of Hallmark's bubbly offerings know that there's another go-to resource over the holiday season to get that Christmas fix. The result? A veritable treasure trove of Christmas goodies you can watch to help make the season bright. Similar to Hallmark, these Netflix movies have really stood the test of time and have become popular favorites to revisit each holiday season — not to mention the streaming service also has a few classics to offer without the pain of waiting for them to air on cable.

Here are 40 of the best Christmas movies on Netflix that you can watch with your family and friends leading up to the 2023 Christmas holiday.

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