Ring in the Fall Season With Nestlé Toll House Fall'n Leaves Cookies

It's the time of the year when cookie dough can thrive. Move over, ice cream. Fall is near, and that means holiday cookies are our go-to desserts until the end of December. Get excited, Nestlé's fall favorites are back! Head over to your local grocery store for Nestlé Toll House Fall'n Leaves Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, M&M's Ghoul's Mix Sugar Cookie Dough, Pumpkin Spice Truffles, and Sea Salt Caramel Filled Baking Truffles.

I sure do love Pillsbury cookie dough, but Nestlé Toll House cookies also hold a special place in my heart (and tummy). Fall baking has never been easier. Each Nestlé cookie dough package makes 20 delicious Halloween cookies for the entire family.

1. NESTLE TOLL HOUSE Fall'n Leaves Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 16 oz. Pack

Nestlé's Fall'n Leaves Chocolate Chip Cookies are adorable. They have the original chocolate morsels you know and love from their chocolate chip cookie recipe, but are topped with harvest colored leaf-shaped sprinkles!

2. M&M's GHOUL'S MIX Sugar Cookie Dough 14 oz. Pack

If you love the taste of warm, chewy M&M's, then look no further than M&M's Ghoul's Sugar Cookie Dough. Now, that's a combination you don't see often. It sounds so delicious. I'd say these cookies deserve a spot in your Halloween cookie jar. No one will be able to resist their deliciousness!

3. Nestle Toll House Pumpkin Spice Baking Truffles 9 Oz Bag

Not only can you enjoy Nestlé cookies, but you can make your own spin on Nestlé's fall favorites with their baking morsels. Your baked goods can now be stuffed with pumpkin spice filled baking truffles. Add them to pancakes, muffins, and more for the pumpkin spice flavor you love. They have a creamy white shell and pumpkin-spiced center. Imagine biting into a pumpkin cookie with extra pumpkin flavoring! Yum.

4. Nestlé Toll House Sea Salt Caramel Filled Baking Truffles

For those who need to add an extra kick of chocolate into their baked goods, consider Nestlé's Sea Salt Caramel Filled Baking Truffles. These truffles are the caramel lover's dream. They have a chocolate shell filled with a gooey salted caramel center. Add these to your cupcakes, brownies, and peanut butter cookies for a dash of caramel that is melt-in-your-mouth good.

You can find the cookie dough and 9-ounce packages of truffles at Walmart and Kroger. Enjoy these cookies now, y'all! Before you know it, we'll be indulging in peppermint-flavored goods, and our favorite pumpkin spice Starbucks drinks will be gone!

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