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Facebook/Brent Kelley

Touching Photo of Elderly Man Feeding Wife Ice Cream Goes Viral

If you're looking to find an example of true love, look no further than the parking lot of a Sonic Drive-In in Nashville, Tenn.

Brent Kelley was trying to survive the humidity of a Southern summer by taking his family for ice cream at Sonic on July 24.  While there, he saw an elderly man kneeling at the passenger side of his own car. In his hand was a cup of ice cream. Kelley sat watching the man as he draped a towel over his wife in the passenger seat and fed her while enduring the 98-degree heat.

In admiration of this selfless display of affection, Kelley ended up snapping a picture of the moment and posting it to Facebook. The post has since gone viral with over 333,000 shares. It seems everyone agrees that this is the perfect example of what true love is.

Comments came pouring in from those also admiring this couple's love and wishing themselves to find the same. "True love has no boundaries" and "this is what true love is all about. We need more of this," are only a couple of over 60,000 comments following the photo.

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The man in the photo is unknown, but with the extensive amount of coverage the photo is getting, it seems as it wouldn't be long until someone he knows sees it. Maybe then he can pass along some more advice to the younger generation.

Chivalry, as this photo proves, is not dead and can be found in places we least expect it. Like in the parking lot of a Sonic with a cup of ice cream in hand.

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