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Have You Ever Heard of a Halloween Tree?

According to Starbucks, it's already Autumn, but according to most retail stores, it's already Halloween. While browsing on Instagram I stumbled upon a new trend which I am totally behind: Halloween Trees. Multi-purposed from your reusable Christmas tree, these trees are the perfect addition to your Halloween decor and are super cute.

What is a Halloween Tree?

It can be speculated that the Halloween tree got its start from the 1972 fantasy novel by Ray Bradbury. In the novel, eight boys are out trick-or-treating on Halloween night when they realize their friend Pipkin has been taken away. The trick-or-treaters find their way through time, wandering through Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greek, and Ancient Roman cultures, Celtic Druidism, the Notre Dame in Medieval Paris, and finally the Day of the Dead in Mexico. As the friends travel through time, they learn the origins of Halloween and in the end, the Halloween Tree, filled with jack-o-lanterns, serves as a spooky metaphor for all the different cultures and how they celebrate Halloween.

Are these trees influenced by this great story? Perhaps. Or it is just another way to celebrate the Halloween season with a hint of Christmas tree spirit. Either way, making your own Halloween tree is pretty simple. Grab some orange lights, orange or purple ribbon, and a few pumpkins. Voila! Your tree is as festive as ever. Take a look at some of our favorites:

This Bright Orange Tree


Boo To You

Not in the mood to break out an entire tree? Amazon is selling their own version of Halloween trees.

The ceramic Halloween trees are decorated with purple and orange LED lights and are adorned with a jack-o-lantern topper. The Halloween decoration requires three C batteries to function and is available on Amazon. But you better hurry, these trees are selling out fast! The ceramic tree is a perfect bit of home decor that you can bring out every year.

This article was originally published on August 27, 2019.

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