The ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ Whistle Stop Cafe’s Mixes Are Available Online

After your first visit to the Whistle Stop Cafe, you'll go home craving chicken fried steak and fried green tomatoes. It seems like all the southern dishes and sides you try anywhere else won't live up to the standards of the Whistle Stop. If you've been attempting to find copycat Whistle Stop Cafe menu recipes online, you can give it a rest because we've got you covered.

You can buy Irondale Cafe Original Whistle Stop recipes on Amazon. You can now recreate the Whistle Stop Cafe menu at home. You'll find onion ring batter, fried green tomato batter, apple crisp batter, and of course, cobbler batter mix all in one place.

Irondale Cafe Original Whistle Stop Recipes

1. Original WhistleStop Cafe Recipes | Onion Ring Batter Mix | 9-oz | 1 Box

Fry up some crispy onion rings at home. Maybe this is your chance to put your air fryer to use finally.

2. Original WhistleStop Cafe Recipes | Batter Mix for Chicken | 9-oz | 1 Box

Fried chicken and french fries are on the menu tonight. Use this batter for a fresh batch of country fried chicken, chicken tenders, or chicken sandwiches.

3. Original WhistleStop Cafe Recipes | Fried Green Tomato Batter Mix | 9-oz | 1 Box

Get your fried green tomato fix with the one and only Whistle Stop tomato batter. If you're looking for an appetizer to serve to dinner guests, take this route.

4. Original WhistleStop Cafe Recipes | Apple Crisp Batter Mix | 9-oz | 1 Box

Here's the apple crisp batter you crave daily.

5. Whistlestop Caboose Cobbler Mix, 9-ounces (Pack of 6)

Can you believe this batter has been on Amazon this whole time? Get your Lodge Dutch oven ready. Don't forget to add Blue Bell ice cream on top!

6. Original WhistleStop Cafe Recipes | Seafood Batter for Baking or Frying Fish | 9-oz | 1 Box

Make it a seafood night with this batter. Don't forget the fries and hush puppies!

7. Original WhistleStop Cafe Recipes | Chili Starter Mix | 5-oz | Case of 6

Nothing beats a bowl of chili on a cold day. Dust off your slow cooker for a fresh batch of chili.

8. Original WhistleStop Cafe Recipes | 4-Blends Seasoning | 3.55-oz | 1 4-in-1 Shaker

Use this seasoning to spice up your fried pickles, fried jalapenos, veggies, and favorite dishes.

9. Original WhistleStop Cafe Recipes | Premium Marinade | 16-oz. Bottles | 3 Pack

This is the only marinade you'll need for your next steak night.

10. Original WhistleStop Cafe Recipes | Hush Puppy Batter Mix | 9-oz | 1 Box

Seafood night just got better.

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