Hostess Just Dropped Limited-Edition S'mores Cupcakes

There are tons of things to cross off your camping checklist before getting on the road. You might forget a few things, but you definitely won't leave without marshmallows, Hershey's chocolate, and graham crackers. Are you even camping if you don't make s'mores?

Well, you don't have to pack up the RV anytime soon to satisfy your s'mores cravings. You can finally get your s'mores fix without having to roast marshmallows. Hostess S'mores Cupcakes are officially on store shelves, and we're too excited about having our favorite campfire food in cupcake form.

Hostess Hst Smores Cupcake 12.7oz 8ct

The new s'mores cupcakes are here for a limited time only. Each cupcake is filled with a creamy toasted marshmallow filling and topped with chocolate icing. Yum! Next time you're at Walmart, grab a box of the limited-edition Hostess Cupcakes. (Or two boxes.)

If you think that a normal box of the yellow cakes doesn't last long in your home, just wait until your family spots a box of the new Hostess S'mores Cupcakes in the pantry. That creamy filling is going to be an addictive flavor! Thanks to COVID-19, many of us are stuck at home 24/7 with Netflix and a pile of snacks. It's not like I really needed another staple snack to keep in the kitchen, but I'm here for it.

If you can't find the s'mores cupcakes, just buy a box of Twinkies. Remember when they disappeared from store shelves for a while? I will never take Twinkies for granted again, and neither should you! If you're not a Twinkie fan, you can always get your s'mores fix with a box of Oreo S'mores.

Honestly, this is such good food news. We needed this pick-me-up after hearing that multiple Starbucks and Dunkin' locations are shutting down. Oh, and don't even remind me of the potato wedges from our beloved fast-food chicken joint, KFC.

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