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Dunkin' Donuts to Close 800 Stores

Update: July 30, 2020

Does America run on Dunkin'? That can be debated. According to a recent earnings call, Dunkin' plans to close a total of 800 stores across the country. The locations of the stores have not been announced.

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You might have to drive a little further to get your favorite doughnut and iced coffee. According to Quick Service Restaurant Magazine, the Quincy, Massachusetts-based doughnut chain is closing 450 Dunkin Donuts locations inside Speedway stores on the East Coast. The coffee chain locations, which are housed in gas station convenience stores, only brought in "less than 0.5 percent of Dunkin' domestic sales in 2019," according to Scott Murphy, president of Dunkin' Americas. However, that hole (pun intended) might not be left for long. "By exiting these sites, with minimal financial impact, we're confident we'll be better positioned to serve many of these trade areas in the coming years with new Dunkin' NextGen restaurants that offer a broader menu," said Kate Japson, chief financial officer.

Updated: April 2, 2020

According to a press release by Dunkin', all Dunkin' restaurants will have reduced hours and will be limited to drive-thru and carry-out service due to the Coronavirus pandemic. On behalf of the fearless healthcare workers, Dunkin' is proud to share that the company has donated 4,000 pounds of Dunkin' ground coffee, 2,000 boxes of Keurig® K-Cup pods and 23,000 Dunkin' gift cards as part of special care packages to 85 hospitals across the country to-date.

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Changes to Dunkin' Donuts Locations

It's not all about the donuts anymore. America runs on Dunkin; the coffee that is. Rebranding as a beverage-forward company, Dunkin' Donuts stores dropped the "Donuts" from their name, focusing less on the varieties of donuts, breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and muffins, and more on the lattes, espresso, hot chocolate, and coffee.

Along with the name rebranding, new stores are on the horizon with brand-new state-of-the-art brewing equipment and an entirely new and modern look. Along with a drive-thru, the stores will also feature a designated on-the-go area to pick up orders sent from the Dunkin mobile app. The company is planning on adding 500 of these Dunkin' locations in 2020.

Should Starbucks be shaking in their boots? It's still early to say. Dunkin' is looking to introduce new inventive coffee drinks this year. Recently the brand released the Pink Velvet Macchiato, a rich espresso drink with red velvet cake flavor and hints of cream cheese icing and the Pink Velvet Signature Latte, a creamy espresso drink with red velvet cake flavor, topped with whipped cream, mocha drizzle and hot chocolate powder. It's not all about donuts at Dunkin' anymore.

This article was originally published April 2, 2020

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