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Maren Morris Speaks in Support of Joe Biden at 'I Will Vote' Concert

Maren Morris was among the artists who spoke at a campaign event for Joe Biden on Sunday, Oct. 25.. The "I Will Vote" concert featured performances from Cher, Dave Matthews, Jennifer Hudson, Jon Bon Jovi, The Black Eyed Peas and more. In addition, Amy Schumer, Billy Porter, Helen Mirren and more spoke at the event.

Biden also appeared at the event with his wife, Jill Biden, along with vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff.

A donation was required to view the event. Donations benefited the Joe Biden victory fund.

Wearing a "Better Than We Found It" t-shirt (a nod to her song of the same name), the native Texan spoke about her upbringing and why she's voiting for Biden.

"Coming from a Southern family with a conservative background, throughout my childhood, I was always taught to treat people with respect and dignity no matter their race, their religion, their sexual orientation and, yes, even their political party," Morris said. But like a lot of us I've been in perpetual shock watching what's happened to our country these last few years. We've been divided and pitted against one another. We've seen the forces of hatred not just reserved for the awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversation with a crazy relative once a year, but out in the open, encouraged and supported by the President of the United States."

Morris also spoke about giving birth to her son and how she wants to leave a better world for him and all children.

"It wasn't about just me anymore. It was about him and all of our childrens' future in this country. What will they make of this moment 20 years from now?" Morris said. "I live in the world of country music, which has always been about telling the truth and, just like I believe country music is for everyone, so is this country. ['Better Than We Found It'] is for the immigrants who call our country home yet are made to feel that they aren't welcome, our LGBTQIA community, who are seeing their basic human rights set on the chopping block of this election's outcome, and Black Americans, who are simply asking to have their community matter like everyone else, yet fear for their lives whenever they go for a jog or even go to sleep in their own bed. And it's about those of us who have the civic responsibility to do everything we can to make our country better by saying 'we are better than this.' It isn't a punishment, it's a plead. I voted early for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and for Democrats down the ticket here in Tennessee because we need leadership that is kind, compassionate and that cares — leadership that will unite us to overcome this pandemic, to put us back to work again, end systemic racism and work every day to ensure that we leave this world to our kids in better shape than we found it...Let's make sure that when all our votes are counted on November 3rd our voices are heard and our message is unmistakable. It's time we tell someone that he's fired. Let's elect a president and vice president who believe in the best of what America can be and who will work every day to ensure that we once again stand united, because divided we fall."


On Oct. 22, Morris shared her excitement to speak at the event.

"Y'all, I have never been asked to speak at anything, only perform," Morris wrote on social media. "This Sunday, I am speaking to my country. I'm joining an incredible group of performers for a concert to support @JoeBiden, @KamalaHarris and Democrats down the ballot."


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Morris has been outspoken about social issues on social media. The "Girl" singer joins country artists Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Dan + Shay and more in encouraging Americans to use their voice and vote in the upcoming election. Dan + Shay will take part in the CBS special Every Vote Counts: A Celebration of Democracy.

Morris recently released the song "Better Than We Found It," which celebrates those advocating for social change. The singer-songwriter recently won the 2020 Billboard Music award for Female Country Artist.

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