Wedding with an Elvis look-alike (Jesse Garon). The Little White Chapel where Charolette Richards has been performing more than 600.000 more or less eccentric weddings. Las Vegas. Nevada. United states (USA) Full Model Release.
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Las Vegas Chapels Ordered to Stop Using Elvis Impersonators in Themed Weddings


It looks like Elvis is actually leaving the building. Las Vegas chapels of love, which are known for using Elvis Presley lookalikes to marry couples, could become history. The licensing company that controls the image and name of The King of Rock and Roll is now ordering Sin City chapel operations to immediately stop using Presley in ceremonies.

According to Las Vegas Review-Journal, Authentic Brands Group sent cease and desist letters back in May to several chapels, which are now expected to be compliant. Several believe this will affect Las Vegas since Elvis is closely tied with the wedding industry.

"We are a family-run business, and now we're hanging with the big dogs," said Kayla Collins, operator of and the Little Chapel of Hearts. "That's our bread and butter. I don't get it. We were just hitting our stride again through COVID, then this happened."


With the wedding industry recently starting to rebound, Clark County Clerk Lynn Goya stated the new decision couldn't come at a worst time. Goya's office issues marriage licenses and oversees Vegas marketing campaigns for weddings. "This couldn't hit at a worse time. It's not a good thing," Goya stated. "It might destroy a portion of our wedding industry. A number of people might lose their livelihood."

Authentic Brands Group is a well-known licensing company that manages the estates of Muhammad Ali and Marilyn Monroe and its holdings include around 50 consumer brands. In Presley's instance, ABG intends to stop the unauthorized use of Presley's voice image, likeness, name, "and other elements of Elvis Presley's persona in advertisements, merchandise, and otherwise." The company specifies "The Kind of Rock and Roll," "Elvis," and "Elvis Presley" as its protected trademarks.

According to an ABC Attorney, the letter states that if any "infringing" chapel doesn't comply with the terms of the document within a week, they will seek immediate legal action. The cease-and-desists comes days before Baz Luhrmann's anticipated biopic, "Elvis" is set to release on June 24.

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