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6 Times Wyatt Russell Was Just Like His Dad, Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have long been one of the most beloved couples in Hollywood. Part of their charm is the lovable family life they've established in their 30+ years together. The couple shares Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson from Goldie's prior relationship with musician Bill Hudson as well as Boston Russell, Kurt's son from his marriage to Season Hubley. But they also welcomed one son of their own, Wyatt.

Kurt Russell's son Wyatt Russell is starting to resemble his famous dad more and more as he establishes his own path in the world of entertainment. Though visually we can see both of his parents, Wyatt is proving that he is definitely his father's son.

1. They've both been in the marvel cinematic universe

Kurt starred in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as the father of Chris Pratt's character Peter Quill. Recently, Wyatt has followed in his footsteps and landed the role of John Walker on the Disney Plus series The Falcon and Winter Soldier. Walker is the new Captain America following the exit of Chris Evans' Steve Rogers in the most recent Avengers film. Walker ends up going down a dark path (don't worry, no spoilers here!) and a lot of fans have not been wild about the character...but that's kind of the whole point.

2. They both fell for actresses they met on set

kurt russell son

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Wyatt met his current wife Meredith Hagner on the set of Folk Hero & Funny Guy and they recently welcomed their first child together, Buddy Prine Russell. Similarly, his parents first met on the set of The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band in 1968 but didn't start dating until they crossed paths again filming the 1984 film Swing Shift.

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3. They both wanted to be professional athletes

kurt russell son

Wyatt via YouTube / Kurt via YouTube

Kurt was actually a talented baseball player and had dreams of going pro. He played in the minor leagues for years, even playing for his father's team, the Portland Mavericks, before an injury cut his career short. Similarly, Wyatt had one goal in life — to be a professional hockey player. In fact, growing up, his parents even moved up to Canada for a time so that he could really pursue hockey. He spent some time playing in Canadian and European leagues before he injured himself in his 20s. His backup plan was Hollywood...imagine that?

4. They were both raised in Hollywood

kurt russell son

Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP/ Young Kurt in 'Daniel Boone' via YouTube

Longtime fans of Kurt know that he grew up as a child actor in Los Angeles. His father was also an actor, Bing Russell, known for playing the Sheriff on Bonanza. So Kurt was no stranger to being a film set. Being the son of Kurt, Wyatt definitely spent his fair share of time on film sets as well and even had small roles in some of his dad's films like Overboard, Escape from L.A, and Soldier.

5. They are both good at comedy

kurt russell son

Wyatt in 'Table 19' via YouTube / Kurt in 'Overboard' via YouTube

If you've seen Kurt in anything, you know he's equally hilarious as he is a badass in his action films. It's part of his special charm he brings to all of his roles that has made him so likable over the years. But Wyatt is proving that he also has comedic acting chops. From finding moments in The Falcon and Winter Solider to some of his notable films — Ingrid Goes West, Table 19, and 22 Jump Street, he definitely inherited his dad's timing.

6. They pave their own paths

Kurt russell son

Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/ Kurt in 'Escape From New York' via YouTube

When news broke that there was a reboot in the works of Kurt's classic sci-fi film Escape from New York, fans immediately thought it was a no-brainer for Wyatt to step into his father's shoes to play Snake Plissken. Wyatt immediately shut that down. While we aren't aware of Kurt ever being offered to reprise one of his father's old roles, we feel confident that he would also decline. They both work hard to establish their own career paths and that's definitely respectable.

"There will be no Snake reboot from me. That's like career suicide 101," Wyatt explained in an interview with Esquire. "That's like what not to do. I don't know if anybody else could be Snake Plissken. Good luck, go get 'em, I sincerely wish you the best of luck. I just don't know how it's possible. And for me, if I really wanted to get people sending me hate mail, I think that's what I should do. I will not be ever doing anything like that."

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