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This Kids' Farmers Market Is the Ultimate Gift for Little Shoppers

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Making playtime educational is a great way to teach your kids about important things in life in a way that's both fun and meaningful. If your kids love working in the vegetable garden or attending the local farmers market with you, this kids' farmers market stand is a great way to extend the family fun and make it year-round. Visiting the farmers market offers kids the opportunity to learn about new foods, teaches them about fresh food and local farms, and is full of fun activities. This playset offers the opportunity to bring the excitement home and give kids the chance to play at their own farmers market fun.

This mini farm stand is ideal for kids in elementary school to continue their knowledge of healthy food and healthy eating choices and incorporate it into playtime. The whole family can visit their stand and fill their shopping bag with "fresh fruits and veggies."

The Children's Farmers Market

This kids' farmers market stand comes stocked with play fruits and vegetables. Made from colorfully painted wood, it includes nine removable plastic bins for displaying the wares for durable construction that'll last.

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Younger children can learn to identify foods by color, while older farmers can practice writing the item names and prices on the chalkboards that front the display bins. The cheerful striped awning reverses to convert the grocery store into a lemonade stand for another fun DIY playset for your kids.

If you have a vegetable garden and your children are a bit older, you could even have them advertise selling local food and fresh produce from your garden to neighbors and allow them to use the farmers market as a real setting where friends can pick up the local food you've grown. There are tons of ways to make this play stand personalized to best suit the needs of your kids, even as they grow!

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