Best Keurig for Students: These Reviews Spill All the Perks of Owning This Coffee Machine

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When the Keurig machine first showed up on the scene, the at-home coffee machine market changed forever. There are plenty of java snobs out there who won't come within a mile of a K-Classic for their daily cup of coffee, even with the more traditional Keurig K-Duo now brewing up whole pots of fresh ground joe. I'll admit that I used to be one of those people, although my bone to pick has been with the environmental impacts. However, many coffee lovers swear by the Keurig K-Compact, and for good reason.

The K-Compact is sort of a love-it-or-hate-it type of coffee maker. Yet, it sure does saves a lot of time from being wasted in Starbucks lines. If you're on the "love it" train, there's a lot to enjoy about this single cup coffee creator. Especially if you've been converted to reusable K-Cups like me.

I've gathered reviews from five folks who are fully committed to the wonder machine that is the Keruig K-Compact. These comments don't cover all the bases (but they get pretty close). Pour a cup and read up!

Keurig K-Compact Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

At 8" wide, the K-Compact is the slimmest Keruig model after the Keurig K-Mini Plus (4.5") and the Keurig K-Slim (5"). However, unlike these units, which have a limited water reservoir and unadjustable brew-strength respectively, the K-Compact comes with more functions for the size.

Personally, what I like best about the Compact is that it's compatible with My K-Cup, a reusable K-Cup that can be filled with pre-ground coffee. As I said, I hate the waste that normal K-Cups leave behind, so this reusable coffee filter is a sustainable and important solution for me.

Now that you've read my takeaway, here are five other reasons why reviewers are bouncing off the walls for the K-Compact.

K-Compact Reviews

This Coffee Machine Makes Great Tasting Java

LittleWho3 loves a few different aspects about the Compact. First is the removable water reservoir, which makes refilling a breeze. With 36-ounces of volume, the K-Compact can pour multiple brew sizes off of just one water tank. LittleWho loves the flavor that Keurig brews, and it's hard to argue with that review.

The K-Compact Saves Space

As Barbara H. notes, the K-Compact has some of the best features of larger units like the K-Elite, but all the space-saving attributes of the smaller Keurig models. With the Compact, simple button controls allow users to brew multiple cup sizes, from espresso-strength 6oz. pours to full 12oz. cups. Whatever size you choose, there is great taste coming your way.

Convenient Coffee Anywhere

Reviewer Ron is asking a philosophical question here: Who needs a travel mug when you can just take your highly transportable countertop coffee maker wherever your go? Something tells me this person wouldn't remember the last brew they had from a coffee shop. Is that considered energy efficient? You be the judge.

This Machine Is Super Easy To Clean

Paul G. (and his wife) love the K-Compact for its easy cleaning, no-mess design. That's all thanks to the removable drip tray that keeps your coffee corner neat and splash-free. While that removable tray is made to fit travel carafes, it doesn't seem like Paul needs many of those anymore. No, he's enjoying his single cup in retired peace.

The K-Compact Makes So Much More Than Coffee

Jessica Lynn is big on the Keurig K-Compact's capacity to make more than just coffee. With the smart start function, the KC delivers hot water on demand, but not until you've pressed the button! That utility makes it safe for her daughter to brew hot cocoa even when Mom's not around to help. With hot cider and tea K-Cups as well, there's so much you can make with the K-Compact.

K-Compact K-Cup Pod Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Along with the imperial red color, this Keurig comes in matte black and grey as well. You'd really have to grind to find a coffee machine that works as conveniently as the K-Compact!

Besides the Keurig K-Compact, check out other models like the K-Cafe, Keurig K-Select, and K-Supreme on Amazon today. With high-quality water filters, stainless steel accents, and auto-off functionality, your kitchen will be the hottest cafe in town.