HydroJug: The Huge Water Bottle Helping People Meet Their Daily Water Intake Goals

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You might think because you filled your water bottle up twice today that you drank enough water. Wrong. Unfortunately, many of us don't drink enough water, and a reason behind that could be that we're simply not measuring the correct amount. Surely two water bottles just aren't enough, which is why the HydroJug is here to change that.

The HydroJug is a reusable water bottle that holds half a gallon of water. Since the lightweight half-gallon water bottle holds so much water, you don't have to worry about refilling it, plus you're able to visually see that you have not met your daily water intake goal.

How Much Water Should You Drink In One Day

That depends. Check out this chart above for your recommended daily intake.

You can find the trending water bottle at Here are some product features everyone (and myself) are raving about.

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Wide mouth
  • Leak-proof
  • BPA-free

So, why this large water bottle? As I mentioned, having the opportunity to visualize your water intake is seriously a game-changer for hydration. It's so much easier to sip water all day and hold myself accountable to hydrate. (Especially in warmer months.)


Allison Johnson

Another major perk besides wellness is the elimination of plastic water bottles. Access clean drinking water with the help of a filter, and you'll eventually stop buying so many water cases.

Want to make carrying the HydroJug easier? Consider buying a HydroJug carrier. The carrier can hold iPhones or small essentials. You can also customize a removable sleeve for extra flair. Camo, floral, and stone gray look pretty stylish!

These water jugs make great gifts for campers, hunters, college students, and people who want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Let's meet our water goals, y'all!