5 Can Organizers That Turn Your Small Kitchen Space Into a Pantry Paradise

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Having a small pantry is a nuisance. Actually, it's more than that. It really limits your ability to store and use canned goods, which is an issue if you like to preserve your garden's produce (or have a hankering for Amy's soups). While there are plenty of space-saving pantry organization ideas and tips out there (hello spice rack), there's only one tool that'll give you easy access to all of your prepared goods at once: the can organizer.

Most of us like to stock up on ingredients to have a wide variety of meal options on any given weeknight. Whether you have a big family to feed, a busy schedule or you simply like to minimize trips to the grocery store, having enough canned goods in your pantry is a game-changer when it comes to cooking. However, no matter how much you love home canning and meal prep, kitchen pantry space is one of those home aspects that you can't just change on a whim. Or can you?

With a good can organizer, you can add to your kitchen cabinet's useable space while also making those shelves look tidy. And who doesn't like a tidy shelf? A good can organizer is more than just a nice touch-up in your kitchen- it revolutionizes your food storage space, allowing you to fit far more than before without making your cabinet or counters feel overcrowded.

Here are five can organizers to make your kitchen and pantry feel as roomy as can be!

Best Can Organizers

Best for Small Spaces

1. mDesign Kitchen Can Dispenser Bin

The mDesign organizer is a great option if you need to add vertical storage to your small space. Not only is it super functional for storing cans, but it also makes your pantry look sleek and orderly. It's perfect for dorm rooms, RV kitchens, or anywhere with space-challenged kitchen cabinets.

Each dispenser holds seven cans, and since it loads from the top, this is similar to most first-in-first-out organizers.

Best for Large Cans

2. Simple Trending Can Rack Organizer

The first thing to note about the Simple Trending Can Rack is that it instantly bumps up the number of cans you can store in an organized fashion. From 14 to 36! If you've got a family to feed, this is the choice for you.

Adjustable dividers mean that you can store cans of various sizes. Have an extra-large container of crushed tomatoes? No problem! The flexibility of this design is one of the many reasons customers love it. Just ask Debbie R.:

Best for 36 Cans

3. Utopia Kitchen Storage Can Food Storage

Maximize your cabinet space with the easy to assemble Utopia pantry organizer. Putting together this supplemental cabinet shelving is a small DIY project that has big benefits.

Although this organizer stores as many cans as the Simple Trending unit, the dimensions are about a quarter of an inch larger in each direction, which means you can store larger cans without having to adjust the dividers. Your pantry has never looked so good.

Best for 54 Cans

4. FIFO Can Tracker

This stackable can rack organizer from brand FIFO is the largest of the pack, storing a whopping 54 cans! You can double (or triple up) on your favorite soups and canned veggies without having to worry about where you're going to store them all.

One big benefit is that this product is made in America. You can count on the durability of this true first-in-first-out cabinet storage system. FIFO believes in this unit so much, they've included a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Best for 12 Cans

5. mDesign 2-Tier Metal Wire Standing Pop/Soda and Food Can Dispenser Storage System Organizer

One more option from mDesign (since they make some of my favorite home products). This rack rolls out small cans on a first-in basis, much like the other mDesign unit. And, although it is a smaller size compared to the monstrous capacity of the FIFO, the trimmer profile won't take up a lot of space on your pantry shelves.

It's simple and really effective at giving some basic order to your kitchen pantry, or you can keep it on the countertop for easy access to beverages (without any mess)!

I don't know about you, but these can organizers have got me thinking about all the other ways I can arrange my kitchen space. Check out more home essentials on Amazon!

This post was originally published on June 23, 2021.

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