Spring Is Here and It's Time to Get Your Kitchen Pantry Organized

No matter how much room you have in your home, it seems like finding enough storage space is always an issue. Or sometimes, it's that you have the space, but it's not super usable. And kitchen pantry organization is always at the top of the list in the search for organizing tips.

You may dream of a room-sized walk-in perfect pantry, but in real life, you're stuck with a 2x2 closet next to the kitchen. Or maybe it's not even a closet, but a set of open shelves. And it could be that you don't have any extra space that remotely resembles a pantry.

Since spring is officially here, you may be thinking about a pantry makeover and looking for some new ways to organize your kitchen. So, if an organized pantry is on your to-do list, we've rounded up the best pantry organization ideas to make your kitchen more functional, even if you've got a small or unusual space.

1. Use Every Bit of Space, Wisely

It feels a little silly to role play with your empty new pantry (if you're lucky enough to start from scratch), but you need to know how you will move around your space.

For example, my tiny closet pantry has a door with hinges on the kitchen side, meaning every time I got to get something out or put something in, I have to move around the door. A simple weekend afternoon spent flipping the pantry door so that it opens on the other side makes the space instantly more functional.

You may think that you'll save space by having shelves as big as your pantry. But if the space is narrow but deep, think about how you're going to reach in for the things in the back. Because, no really, you won't just move everything in front out of the way every time. Maybe think of U-shaped storage so that all sides are accessible.

2. Make Your Shelves Functional

Pantry shelves are a must have, but you want them to be as functional as possible. One way to do that is to get shelves that can be adjusted for height so you can move them as needed in the future. Remember to get shelves that will support what you want them to hold—a shelf full of cake mixes is different than a shelf full of the mixer.

Another way to add functional shelves is to think horizontally instead of vertically. Insert a rack for cookie sheets, cake pans, cutting boards, cooling racks—anything that will store well on its end.

Make your shelves even more functional using a variety of storage bins to hold different size goods and by labeling all your storage containers.

3. Use the Odd Spaces

If you've got a few inches of wasted space next to your refrigerator, you might think about adding something like a thin rolling cabinet to create more pantry space. This version is brilliant, plus its DIY.

You might see if you can steal some space from the pantry wall by inserting recessed shelves, like with this spice rack.

For corners, add a lazy susan that makes it easier to access the things that get stuck in the back.

4. Install Movable Bins


Things that roll or pull out can make any small space more functional simply because you can get to things more easily. For example, this pull out pots and pans organizer could be used in a lower kitchen cabinet or on a lower shelf of your pantry.

Instead of trying to move storage containers around to get to the things in the back, a pull out shelf makes everything accessible.

You could also install a pull out trash can (or recycling or compost bin) by installing the frame at the bottom of your pantry. Just make sure you measure the door width first.

5. Use Hooks on the Wall or Ceiling


Good storage ideas don't have to all be about shelves. Hooks and racks can help you organize your pantry, too. If you have a tall, narrow space against one wall, place hooks on the wall to hold shopping bags, brooms, dust pans, and even bags of onions.

Make sure to use the right size hook for what you want to hang so that the hook will hold the weight. You can anchor hooks into the drywall or use the simple and easy peel and stick versions. Or you could use a pegboard to hang things from.

And if you have space in the middle of the pantry, hang baskets from the ceiling to hold onions and potatoes or even things like plastic bags.

Even if you have a small pantry, kitchen organization is possible. Finding functional design ideas is as simple as thinking creatively and using what you have.

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