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This Pots and Pans Organizer is the Genius Hack Your Kitchen Needs

When I first saw this pots and pans organizer I almost hit myself on the head for not thinking of this genius idea first. I always struggle to keep my pots and pans out of a heaping pile at the bottom of my kitchen cabinet. And don't get me started with the struggle of finding a matching pot lid. Of course there are loads of home improvement hacks on Pinterest, but sometimes it's easiest to just find a product that solves the problem.

That problem is all over now thanks to this amazing Glideware Pull-Out Organizer which you can pick up over at Amazon. Easy to install, this cookware organizer rack hangs up your pots, pans and pan lids on a rack that slides effortlessly out of the cabinet. It's the kitchen organization gadget of your dreams.

Kitchen Organization


Designed to fit any standard depth cabinet, this storage solution includes an extending feature which rolls out of the lower cabinet ensuring that you no longer have to bend, stretch or fumble with your pots and pans ever again.

Coming in at $163.00, the the pull-out cabinet organizer includes seven fully adjustable and removable hooks, making this cabinet organizer perfect for for your entire heavy duty stainless steel pots and pans collection.

The pan rack arrives at your house fully assembled, all you have to do is screw the cookware rack into a base cabinet that does not have a drawer above it. Add your pans onto the pot rack and hang the lids on the pot or pan itself for easy access.

Since the pan rack organizer only takes up the top half of the cabinet we suggest using the rest of the cabinet space for keeping small food storage containers, spice racks on the sides of the cabinet or even stacking your cookie sheets.

Love the organizer? Install a few throughout your house to hold your cleaning supplies or as a purse organizer. The possibilities of this hanging pot rack are endless.

Find it on Amazon here.

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