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'Yellowstone' Star Kelly Reilly Reveals Beth Dutton Will 'Quietly Destroy' Someone in Season 5

Warning: Spoilers ahead for season four of Yellowstone.

As fans are waiting for the premiere of Season 5 of Yellowstone, the cast and creators have slowly been releasing behind the scenes content and partaking in interviews to keep us on our toes. The cast has been pretty good at maintaining their secrets and only sharing very few details, but, lucky for us, Kelly Reilly is giving us what we want! This time around, Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton, gave us enough to speculate what can happen throughout the season.

On Instagram, the actress shared a photo of five Yellowstone scripts from season 5, which is set to premiere on Paramount Network. Reilly shared front page of scripts from Episodes 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6, which have pretty interesting titles.

Not going to lie, after reading these, it left me (and several other fans) with several unanswered questions that just make me more excited for the new season. Especially episode 3, which she didn't share. Why couldn't she show us that script? Is there something going on that we absolutely can't know about?

  • Episode 1: One Hundred Years is Nothing
  • Episode 2: The Sting of Wisdom
  • Episode 3: Unknown
  • Episode 4: Horses in Heaven
  • Episode 5: Watch 'Em Ride Away
  • Episode 6: Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow, and You

As expected, all episodes were written by Taylor Sheridan, because well, you know he likes to work hands-on with the show and the characters. Honestly, I don't even want to begin to speculate on what will happen throughout the season based on the titles alone, but you know that episode six definitely has to involve Beth and Rip in some way.

Reilly has been giving some insight into the upcoming season, especially in regards to her character and the relationships she has created on the show.

It's safe to say that Beth Dutton is pretty much one of the best TV characters ever created. We all admire her dedication to her family, her unconditional love for Rip and her bold and stubborn attitude that has gotten her so far in life. Let's face it, she can pretty much run the world if she puts her mind to it, and no one will get in her way. She would do anything to keep the Dutton Ranch and the Duttons safe, stepping over everyone who gets in the way.

Speaking with TV Line, she revealed what exactly Beth thinks of Summer Higgins, who is played by Piper Perabo. In the show, Beth arranged for Summer to get thrown into jail with quite a big sentence, but John came in at the last second and called in a favor with the judge, managing to reduce her sentence to 15 years.

Speaking about John Dutton's relationship, she stated, "Beth wants her father to be happy. She just has no respect for this particular woman. She sees Summer as an enemy, someone who has absolutely no respect for their way of life. [She and her fellow protesters] just come in with this very basic understanding, thinking that [ranchers are] all just rednecks."

She continued, "Beth isn't going to walk her through it. She's just going to quietly destroy her. And it's so easy for Beth to do that. We know it's so easy for her to do that! That capacity for violence and cruelty that Beth has in her is quite terrifying, actually."

Does this mean this is the end for Summer? What about Jamie? We all know that Beth pretty much wants to destroy her brother, to the point that she blackmailed him and forced him to kill his own biological father. Will Beth also destroy him, or is she even capable of hurting her own family? Is Reilly just teasing us at this point? So many unanswered questions.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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