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Kacey Musgraves Performed Nude on 'Saturday Night Live'

When musical guest Kacey Musgraves took the stage during the season premiere of Saturday Night Live for her performance of "justified," she made a subtle reference to one of the most beloved movies of all time: Forrest Gump. Seated on a stool and appearing to wear nothing but cowboy boots and her acoustic guitar, Musgraves channeled Robin Wright's iconic character Jenny from the Oscar winning 1994 film.

Musgraves publicist confirmed to Variety that the country star really was naked during her performance.

"She was nude," Musgraves' publicist told Variety. "Precautions were taken, and this was the first time it's happened on the show."

Reddit users in attendance the night of the SNL taping described Musgraves' exit from the stage.

"I was in the dress rehearsal audience," wrote a Reddit user (quote via Variety). "After her performance people gathered around her with large towels to wrap her so could stand and walk off stage."

Another user explained that a movable wall was placed between Musgraves and the audience before her performance.

"Was at the live. Pretty sure she was actually naked. I was on the audience side closest to her. Right before her first song, they set up a moveable wall, blocking the audience from seeing her," another Reddit user wrote. "After the song, they moved it back to cover her again and covered her with some sort of towel/robe. She was super chill, kinda walked off stage in the towel and waved. But yeah, seemed pretty legit."


Forrest Gump Scene

Musgraves confirmed the nod on Twitter, posting a still from the scene in which Jenny (Wright) performs nude in a Memphis club. Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) goes to see Jenny perform and carries her off stage after a rude heckler interrupts her song. Thankfully, there were no hecklers in the audience for Musgraves' gorgeous performance.


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SNL Performance

Musgraves also performed "camera roll" on the SNL episode, which was hosted by Owen Wilson. Both songs are on Musgraves' most recent album, star-crossed.

The singer-songwriter previously appeared on SNL in 2018, when she performed "Slow Burn" and "High Horse" from her album Golden Hour.

The "Space Cowboy" singer recently made her debut on the MTV VMAs, where she performed "star-crossed."

The Grammy-winning country singer's new album has been described as "a modern-day tragedy in three acts."

"I feel this record couldn't be more literal in some ways. But I also feel it's got this theatrical kind of almost fantasy take on — I wanted there to be that, just kind of that classical story," Musgraves told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. "That classical vibe, kind of woven through all these other modern sounds. Which I always love when something classic or something traditional, something futuristic kind of meet. I just, I'm always intrigued by that."

Musgraves won't be the only country star to take the SNL stage this season. Brandi Carlile, who released her album In These Silent Days on Oct. 1will perform on the long-running NBC series on Oct. 23 with host and Ted Lasso star (and former cast member on SNL) Jason Sudeikis.

"I've been waiting my whole life to make this announcement!" Carlile wrote on social media. "Can you even believe we get to be on the same night as the wonderful Jason Sudeikis? Can't wait to hug Ted Lasso's neck!!"