25 Authentic Irish Foods To Make Your St. Patrick's Day Extra Festive

Farl, soda bread, bangers and mash, oh my!

St. Patrick's Day is filled with everything green — from green beer and shamrock shakes to "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" T-shirts. We typically like to prepare a dinner of corned beef and cabbage, but did you know Irish immigrants originally bought meat from kosher butchers? So what we call corned beef is actually a Jewish tradition and very different from Irish meat dishes. 

How are you to know what's authentically Irish these days? After all, you can even find "Irish nachos" in a pub, but they're mostly an American invention. In reality, there are plenty of traditional Irish dishes that you'd be lucky to try that don't all involve potatoes. Many Irish stews are famous for lamb instead of beef, and there is no shortage of fresh seafood in Ireland. 

This year, make it a point to try a few of the following 25 authentic Irish foods. Once you've had enough of parades, drinking Guinness and pub-hopping, you'll find so much Irish flavor you never knew about. Switch things up this St. Paddy's Day with boxty (Irish potato pancakes), bacon and cabbage, or smoked salmon dip. Here are 25 authentic Irish foods to transform St. Patrick's Day into a holiday that truly honors the Emerald Isle.

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