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What's Green and Cold and Back Again?

Rejoice, for it is that time of year again. Shamrock Shakes are back at McDonald's! Yes, the delightful bright green milkshake with a cult-like following is once again being sold at select locations of the fast food chain nationwide.

McDonald's has made it even easier this year to find the beloved minty menu item. Download the official Shamrock Shake Finder app for iOS and Android phones to locate participating McDonald's. And iPhone X users can try out an augmented reality experience.

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A pop culture phenomenon, there is excitement (and more than a few sighs) across the country when McDonald's Shamrock Shake returns. And of course, social media was all over it, including one of our favorites from the Dixon, Illinois, police department.

And fans are posting photos of their precious find (including some lucky folks in places where McDonald's has been offering the shake for a few days now).

???? 1st shammy of the season! #shamrockshake #mcdonalds

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McDonald's Shamrock Shake, made of vanilla soft serve ice cream blended with Shamrock Shake syrup and topped with whipped topping, first appeared on McDonald's menus in 1970.

The green shake is only available for a limited time. While the Oak Brook, Illinois, based chain won't say just how long the shake will be around, the seasonal favorite is traditionally offered around St. Patrick's Day.

If you can't find a McDonald's in your area offering the treat, you can make your own Shamrock Shake at home.

The Only Shamrock Shake Recipe You Need

This easy homemade shamrock shake will take you only five minutes and you can customize it, too. It's like having your own house secret menu! Get the full recipe here.

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