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No Matter Where the Waves Take You This Summer, Keep Your Infant Safe With a Life Jacket

Summertime is among us, which means beach trips and swimming pools are right around the corner. No matter where the waves take you, it is important to stay safe with all of the proper swimming aids, especially when little ones are involved. If it's your child's first summer by the water, then you're probably searching for a life jacket to help keep your baby safe while swimming.

There are different types of personal floatation devices (PFD) to choose from. It just all depends on buoyancy. Type I PFDs are effective on almost all waters where rescue may take a while, whereas type II PFDs are intended for calmer waters where rescue is likely to happen quickly. Depending on how rigorous your water activities will be, these are good factors to consider. Nothing will take the fun out of the sun more than being underprepared at the beach or pool. Some water sports such as boating may even mandate life jackets for everyone on board. We found five of the best infant life jackets from Amazon.

How to Choose a Life Jacket for Kids & Infants

Best Infant Life Jackets

1. Oceans7 Us Coast Guard Approved, Infant Life Jacket, Type II Vest, PFD, Personal Flotation Device, Flex-Form Chest, Pink/Berry

After you pack your speedos and sunscreen, you will want to pack this personal flotation device for your child. The construction of this vest features durable nylon and adjustable straps, so your child is safe and comfortable. This vest is recommended for infants 8-30 pounds, but sizing and fit will vary.

This customer loves that the deep V feature in the front of this toddler life jacket isn't too tight.

2. O'Neill Infant Superlite USCG Life Vest

If you plan to spend the summers by the lake or beach with your kids, you need this USCG-approved personal flotation device (Type III). The exterior is durable in strength but soft and comfortable enough for your child to wear. We all know that safety matters and this life vest features adjustable quick-release buckles, so you get a snug fit for your child.

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3. STEARNS Puddle Jumper Infant Hydroprene Life Jacket, Pink

From the lake to the pool, your child will have a blast while still being safe in this durable and high-quality infant life vest. This vest features oversized head support to enable face-up flotation. As bonus safety features, this vest also includes leg straps and grab handles.

If you are looking for a kid's life jacket for more intensive watersport activities, the same company also makes Stearns infant classic series vests.

4. Airhead Infant's General Purpose Life Vest

Adult supervision when a child is near water is super important. Safety gear such as this Type II infant PFD adds an extra layer of protection when it comes to water safety. This vest features a grab strap and a built-in crotch strap for extra security. Your baby's head is also safe and supported with the built-in neck pillow.

5. Full Throttle Infant/Child Nylon Vest

This baby life jacket fits perfectly right over your child's wetsuit. The adjustable belts, chest strap, and leg straps keep the vest secured, so your child is always protected in the water.

This customer says this floatation device was perfect for their infant and 3-year-old.

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