Farming Clothes: 6 Items to Keep Hardworking Farmers Comfortable and Dry

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What a farmer wears out in the field can make a big difference to how their day of hard work goes. Farm work is demanding; when the weather is cold, a simple fleece jacket won't cover it. When things are hot, farmers need more than a regular short sleeve shirt to stay cool. Farming clothes have to work as hard as the ones wearing them (and then some). So, what makes good work clothing?

Farm wear has to be durable. It should be able to keep a field worker dry and as clean as possible (for a farmer). Most of all, farming clothes should be as comfortable as any good garment can be. There aren't a lot of differences between the types of articles of clothes that men and women farmers need, though sizes, cuts, and style make a difference. That said, this collection of farming clothes will fully outfit your gardener from their feet on up to their heads.

Best Farming Clothes

1. Dickies Workwear Men's Bib Overall

Dickies is a best seller among workwear brands for men and women. Their heavyweight outerwear, coveralls, and overalls are well known for standing up against mud, muck, and anything else a farmer has to move through.

This Dickies bib is 100% machine-washable cotton that is triple stitched to prevent rips and tears. There are plenty of pockets, along with a leg hook for a hammer or other tools. Best of all, Dickies designs specially-cut work clothing for women too.

2. TICONN Neck Gaiter

A neck gaiter is important for farmers who work in the cold, but it is also handy for farmers who work in dusty situations (a woodshop, a grain silo, or cutting hay, for example). Gaiters are a unisex accessory that may not seem important but shouldn't be forgotten. It'll make a subtle difference in how a farmer feels after a long day at work.

3. Irish Setter Men's 83909 Wellington Work Boot

A good pair of wellies is like a poncho for your feet. They'll keep a farmer dry, comfortable, and protected. These leather Irish Setters will also make your farmer look good too. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you work hard.

The rubber sole of these boots makes them super preventative against electric hazards. Additionally, Irish Setter has outfitted their boots to be heat resistant. They won't melt against hot outside surfaces, and they'll keep your farmer's feet cool on the inside as well.

4. Carhartt Women's Rain Defender Rockland Quilt Lined Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt

If there is another brand of workwear that competes with Dickies, it's got to be Carhartt. The women's rain-repellent Rockland hoodie is a 5-star seller for plenty of good reasons. The quilted lining is warm enough that you can layer it with a long sleeve shirt while storm flaps on the pockets and neckline keep you dry.

Along with the functionality of this hoodie, there is also a stylish cut to consider. The fit is relaxed enough that it can be worn outside of fieldwork. If only everyday blouses and leggings were this durable and multi-purposed.

5. Heated Gilet Vest for Men, Womenfarming clothes


When the weather gets cold, farmers don't have the luxury to stay inside and huddle around a cozy fire. So, this gilet vest brings the heater to them. With featured carbon fiber pads spread across the chest and lower back, your beloved farmer won't want to come inside. A 5V battery bank can be attached to keep the upper body warmth going all day. Amazingly, the fleece liner is even machine washable.

6. John Deere Vintage Logo Baseball Cap

The classic John Deere cap may not be an essential piece of farming clothes in terms of utility, but it definitely ranks on the list of something every self-respecting farmer should be wearing. Snap closure for easy adjustment and no mesh backing: this vintage ball cap is required farm wear.

7. Women's Breathable Boot Socks

The value of a good boot sock can't be overlooked. To the farming women who are working on their feet all day, this pair is for you. Lightly compressed to improve blood flow and circulation, these socks also remove moisture from your feet. A combo of polyester, nylon, spandex, and cotton also reduces blisters. Socks are not an exciting choice, but a pair like these will certainly make a difference.

Finding reliable farm clothes to outfit yourself might be the easiest part of the job. Among this ensemble, consider other layers like moisture-wicking T-shirts or ultra-comfortable long johns. Hit the fields in comfort and confidence!