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This Portable Workbench is Perfect For On The Go Projects

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To be prepared on the DIY project job site, it's always important to have the right tools. "The right tool for the right job," my dad always says. Whether you're working on some serious home improvement, or you're a new DIYer looking to build a collection of the "right tools," a portable workbench is a must-have for your garage.

No matter what you're crafting, you need a surface to do it on. The dining room table is not the best place to be hammering, sawing, or gluing your projects together. Sawhorses can come in handy but often have limits when it comes to what tools can be used on them in a safe way.

A portable workbench has everything you need. From easy access to flexible, multi-functional use. Get to work with these five best-selling options.

The Best Portable Workbenches

1. BLACK+DECKER Workmate Portable Workbench, Project Center and Vise (WM425-A)

It's a mixed bunch of reviews. Some say there's a good amount of bench dog holes, others say there are too few, and too poorly spaced. Overall, reviewers seem to agree that even though the listed weight capacity is 550 lbs. this portable work table is a lightweight design that's best for projects up to 350-400 lbs. That said, the Black + Decker quality is tough to beat.

The Black + Decker Workmate also includes four swivel pegs to make handling irregular-shaped and sized objects just a bit easier. The bamboo table is a solid workspace for all your project needs.

2. Keter Folding Table Work Table for Miter Saw Stand, Woodworking Tools and Accessories with Included 12 Inch Wood Clamps - Easy Garage Storage Black/Yellow

Aluminum legs and a heavy-duty resin top add up for a weatherproof workspace that's 33.46 in. long by 21.65 wide. A second, lower tabletop is for hand tool storage or a place to set the power tools. Maximum portability here as the table folds to 4.4-inches.

Keter has racked up 8,100 5-star reviews. Each is pretty thorough in saying that (although the clamping system is a little tricky,) the table has a lot of versatility as a workpiece. Sanding, sawing, it's just that dang clamp system! Besides that, this workbench is handy for loads of different projects.

3. Kreg KWS1000 Mobile Project Center

Similar to the Black + Decker at the top of the list, this Kreg model knows its value lies in easy storage and durability. The aluminum frame holds strong for weights up to 350 lbs. and comes with two bench clamp dogs. Anti-slip rubber stoppers grip the leg bottoms to keep your workbench in place.

The large work surface is useful wherever you need it around the house or project site. With heavy-gauge steel legs, the Kreg Project Center might be the sturdiest portable workbench out there.

4. WORKPRO Work Bench, 4-In-1 Portable Workbench, Quick Folding Workbench with Detachable Miter Saw Stand and Height Adjustable Legs, Work as Scaffold/Dolly/Creeper/Platform for Woodworking Tools

Woodworkers and auto mechanics alike can both pile onto this workbench. It transforms from a place for your miter saw into a creeper with 2" swivel casters and wheels. Roll underneath your car with ease. It's even got an electric power strip. This steel frame assembly table is taking handy to a new level.

5. Worx Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table & Sawhorse Foldable with Quick Clamps

As a worktable, the Pegasus holds 300 lbs. Not bad. But as a saw-horse? 1000 lbs. One table that breaks in two? That's the sort of efficiency I'm looking for in a portable workspace. With 7,500 ratings, the Pegasus is one of Amazon's best sellers in the workbench category.

These portable workbenches are a sure way to work on your projects wherever you are. Shop more home improvements essentials on Amazon today!

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