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A Corner Electric Fireplace Is an Easy Way To Make Your Living Room Even More Cozy

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What do you see when you picture your perfect living room? Is it filled with tasteful minimalist decorations or swanky home decor and functional furniture? For me, the perfect theme centers around a super cozy and warm ambiance that features a fireplace. But you don't need a real flame to accomplish this: a corner electric fireplace can be the perfect centerpiece.

Freestanding electric fireplace heaters serve several different purposes. They make your room feel snug and cozy while also providing supplemental heat. But, some models can take up a lot of space. That's a problem if you don't have much flat wall space to start with. You need something that is recessed.

Fortunately, this buying guide is here to show you how well a corner-set fireplace will fit in your home.

How Electric Fireplaces Work + Can They Heat a Living Room Up

It sounds like electric fireplaces work similarly to space heaters, honestly. When plugged in, corner electric fireplaces heat cool air that's drawn in. After warming up, the warm air circulates rooms (typically up to 400 square feet).

If your living room or bedroom is larger than 400 square feet, don't expect to have an extra toasty room without the addition of cranking up the heater! You'll most likely still need it on, maybe just not as high as you normally would. Besides adding a cozy feeling, these appliances add a beautiful aesthetic for cozy year-round evenings spent inside, especially during fall or winter.

And yes, you get warmth and a gorgeous look without the help of an electrician (just make sure you have someone strong to help you get it to the corner of your bedroom or living room).

Best Corner Electric Fireplaces

Best Under $270

1. Walker Edison Alcott Classic Glass Door Corner Electric Fireplace


Let's start with a look at this easy-to-use, plug-in corner fireplace from Walker Edison. LED flames create a realistic flame effect which is centered between two glass-door media shelves. There is an open storage cubby on top, which is made of high-durability laminate. It can resist the heat of the electric fireplace insert (which blows at 4400 BTUs) without warping.

With just one switch, users can operate the flame effect separately from the heat. That means if you want to sit in front of the fire on a warm summer evening, you can do so without roasting yourself. Unfortunately, you can't change the flame brightness or flame colors.

However, you can change the overall shade of the fireplace itself. Walker Edison offers multi-color laminate options from dark walnut to espresso. This is an instant improvement to your home ambiance and heats up to 400 square feet.

Best Energy Efficient Option 

2. Lucas 48 inch Best Electric Fireplace Media Console Stand in Grey Wash

Similar to the Walker Edison model, the Lucas firebox serves as both an entertainment center and a cozy electric fireplace. The setup is also like the WE fireplace, with two media cabinets on either side of the faux flame and log set, which have LED lighting.

Since the Lucas stand does not use an infrared heater, it is very energy efficient. There isn't a remote control or automated settings, so you'll have to remember to turn it off by hand.

Still, this is easier than having to wall mount a new heater, and it saves more space than other larger convertible electric fireplaces.

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Best Splurge

3. Southern Enterprises Furniture Merrimack Corner Electric Fireplace

This Southern Enterprises unit is not a corner electric fireplace media center like the other two. However, the electric fireplace mantel package will definitely add a tasteful touch to your living room.

Personally, I think this one looks most like a real fire. The LED technology lights up a fake log set that looks super realistic, and I love that this unit has an adjustable thermostat and remote control. Like the Walker Edison, it covers up to 400 sq. ft.

Although there aren't a boatload of Amazon reviews on this corner fireplace, the ones that have been made seem to be really happy with the product. Just check out this one from reviewer A.G.:

Turn your living room into the lounge of your dreams with one of these space-saving corner electric fireplaces. You'll appreciate the warmth and relaxation that comes along with it!

This post was originally published on July 2, 2021.