Folding Ottoman Bed

These Versatile Ottoman Beds Will Free Up Space in Your Home


Decorating small spaces can be tricky. Finding versatile furniture to accommodate your small space can be even trickier. Standard bed frames and couches can be bulky and take up a lot of space. If you want to utilize your living space to the best of its availability, ottoman beds are the way to go. They are comfortable enough to sleep on and serve as a storage solution for small spaces.

Whether your space is limited or if you are in search of versatile furniture, look no further. We gathered the best ottoman beds.

Best Ottoman Beds

1. Vonanda Sofa Bed, Convertible Chair 4 in 1 Multi-Function Folding Ottoman Modern Breathable Linen Guest Bed with Adjustable Sleeper for Small Room Apartment, Dark Gray

This multifunctional ottoman is a true space saver and suitable for any room. You can use this as a chaise, pull-out bed, and even as a table! If you already have a couch, this ottoman folds into a footrest and would make a great complimentary pouf to your sofa.

What I love most about this convertible ottoman is that no assembly is required. It is ready to use as soon as you receive it. It can hold up to 440lbs and is made with breathable linen fabric. When guests come over, you can add a small headboard and memory foam mattress topper for a cozy and comfy feel.


2. IPKIG Convertible Chair Sleeper Bed, 4 in 1 Multi-Function Sleeper Sofa Folding Ottoman Modern Linen Fabric Guest Bed with Lumbar Pillow and Adjustable Sleeper for Small Space Apartment (Grey)

Futon beds are great but having one with versatility makes a huge difference! This ottoman bench turns into a recliner and a twin-size bed! It can even serve as home decor and turn into a coffee table. There are 6 side pockets that act as storage space for your tablets, remote controls, books, and more!

The sturdy metal frame holds up to 330lbs and includes casters that help make maneuvering easy. The upholstery is made with linen fabric and spring cushions which makes this a high-quality convertible sofa bed.

3. HOMCOM 4 in 1 Multi-Function Folding Single Sofa Bed with Ottoman Sleeper Adjustable Backrest Lounger Convertible Upholstered Couch for Living Room Small Space, Grey


This 4-in-1 folding bed functions as an ottoman, chair, and lounger. When you are done using it as a bed, you can use it as a footstool for your couch.


The padding on this sofa bed is thick and serves as a comfy bed base but you can always add soft blankets and pillows to make it comfier.

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