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5 Creative Face Masks for Old School Country Lovers

It looks like the COVID-19 vaccine is making its way to many frontline workers! For many of us, we'll still need to wear face masks to protect ourselves (and others). Masks might be uncomfortable for some, but we have to do our part to stay healthy. What makes masks better is that we can have a little fun with them. I've got just the thing for you. Check out this Johnny Cash face mask!

Let's leave the medical-grade masks and pricey safety products to those on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic, and sport these stylish Johnny Cash and old school country music legend cloth face masks instead. A simple cloth face covering in public places could slow the spread of COVID-19. In efforts to flatten the curve, consider a Johnny Cash or Merle Haggard mask.

1. Vigikod Merle Haggard Momma Tried Unisex Dust face Bandana Reusable with Activated Carbon Filter

This mask is breathable and washable. It's also equipped with filters! Be sure to change them regularly so they can remain effective. You can attempt your very own homemade mask and say, "Mama tried," or just play it safe with this mask. With adjustable elasticity, you'll be safe from dust particles, irritants, dander, and more.

This picture screams, "Please stay at least six feet away from me." Honestly, what would Johnny Cash say about this mask?  If you've been everywhere like Mr. Cash, then you ought to wear a face mask. The Man in Black would love this. Is the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville, Tennessee open? I'd love to wear this Johnny Cash face mask there along with the matching T-shirt.

3. Lsq Willie Nelson Multi Usage Face Mask Cover Up Polyester Breathable Dustproof Windproof Mouth-Mask

This Willie Nelson half-mask is perfect. The Highwaymen fans in your life will be obsessed.

It's perfect for keeping germs away at the grocery store.

4. Joe Diffie Face Mask Warmer Neck Tube for Dust Wind Sun Protection Bandana Face Mask

Gone way too soon. Let's do our part and wear masks, y'all! A Joe Diffie mask is perfect for any Diffie fan mourning his death.

If you don't like masks with adjustable ear loops, this is a mask to consider.

5. Kenny Rogers Face mask Headscarf Outdoor Seamless Reusable Scarf

Don't take your (butt) to town unless you need to. If you do, be sure to wear a Kenny Rogers half-face mask.

Be safe out there. Face masks and clean hands do make a difference.

If you're tired of buying disposable face masks, consider making DIY masks. Visit Amazon for a mini sewing machine under $50. Add it to your wishlist today.

For more information on COVID-19 in the United States, visit the cdc.gov.

This post was originally published on April 7, 2020.

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