Dunkaroos Are Officially Back on Store Shelves!

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Whether you were a kid or parent back in the 90s, your eyes probably light up thinking about Dunkaroos. It's been a hot minute since you've devoured those vanilla cookies, huh? Oh, nostalgia! Just take us back to the good ol' days. Or even better, how about Dunkaroos make a comeback?

It turns out these famous cookies are back on store shelves this summer. Go ahead and pull out your vintage lunchbox because it looks like we're taking Dunkaroos to lunch! Don't worry, your coworkers won't judge you.

Where to Buy Dunkaroos Online

Wondering where to buy Dunkaroos? Check out Amazon and Sam's Club! Sam's has Dunkaroos cereal. Yep, your favorite snack in breakfast form.

3 PACK - Dunk-A-Roos Vanilla Cookies and Vanilla Frosting W/ Rainbow Sprinkles Dunkaroos Classic Retro Vintage Snack Pack

The Betty Crocker snacks aren't Amazon Prime eligible unfortunately, so there will be a bit of a wait for your favorite snack food. Be sure to also check your local grocery store for Dunkaroos.

If one of your favorite childhood memories was dunking small cookies into the vanilla frosting, you have every right to get excited over the return of Dunkaroos! Surely this is the best news you've gotten today.

Dunkaroos made an Instagram account to announce the news, and of course, 90s kids are on social media freaking out! It's so sweet reading nostalgic comments. It's always a good feeling having a piece of your childhood back.

This Twitter user has a point. Check out this tweet. Why was the original cookie-frosting combo discontinued? Oh well, as long as the relaunch is happening, that's all that matters. We can't wait for rainbow sprinkle frosting and chocolate frosting!

Did you spend hours searching the internet for Dunkaroos years ago? Chrissy Teigen was looking for Dunkaroos on Amazon and ended up with 'Kadunks.' I wonder if they're good, but who even cares now? Dunkaroos are coming back!

The news is 100% official. Check out the General Mills blog for yourself. If your 2021 started rough, I hope this relaunch makes it a bit better. Hopefully, Walmart has all the original flavors in stock! We're so excited for the chocolate flavor.

Also, we all know the chocolate chip flavor was the best.

Watch out, Oreos and Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookies. Nostalgic adults and a whole new generation of kids are looking forward to Dunkaroos. Until then, turn on Disney Plus and watch an episode of Boys Meets World, and pretends it's the 90s.

This post was originally published on February 3, 2020.