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10 Vintage Lunch Boxes '60s & '70s Kids Will Remember

Your childhood lunches were either eaten at home or packed in a brown bag. For some, you had a PB&J sandwich packed in an awesome metal lunch box. Vintage lunch boxes you might remember are Gunsmoke, Dukes of Hazzard, H.R. Pufnstuf, and Lidsville.

TV shows and bands were often the inspiration behind how a child chose their lunch box. To this day, pop culture plays an important role in children's lunch boxes and thermoses. You can still find Superman and Star Wars metal lunch boxes these days, but these 10 vintage lunch boxes might take you back to the good ol' days.

Vintage Lunch Boxes

1. Rambo Lunch Box

Six years after Rocky premiered, Sylvester Stallone graced the silver screen as John Rambo. Many would say that this franchise made 70s kids action movie enthusiasts.

The vintage metal lunch box even comes with a matching thermos.

2. Robin Hood Lunch Box

The only thing that might be better than a Robin Hood lunch box is the soundtrack to the loveable Disney movie.

3. The Beatles Lunch Box

This old lunch box is an amazing collectible item for fans of The Beatles.

4. The Jetsons Lunch Box

I can just hear The Jetsons theme song playing in my head already!

5. Hopalong Cassidy

The iconic cowboy was a beloved character in radio programs, television, and films. Grab a Hopalong Cassidy tin lunch box and surprise your coworkers with this gem.

They'll definitely take a trip through the golden age of television when they see this one.

6. Lost in Space

I bet you were the coolest kid on the school bus if you had a Lost In Space lunch box.

Did you know that Netflix rebooted the show? The final season airs next year.

7. Star Trek

Speaking of space, you can't forget about Star Trek.

8. Knight Rider

Move over Batmobile, Michael Knight's car was the coolest.

(Ladies, isn't this where your David Hasselhoff crush began?)

9. Flintstones

This lunch box collection is perfect for just about any generation. Many of us grew up watching The Flintstones.

This would've been my favorite lunch box!

10. King of the Cowboys

Do you remember King of the Cowboys? In the film, Roy Rogers is out to get the criminals destroying supply warehouses during WWII.

There's just something about these vintage metal boxes. For more lunch boxes, visit Amazon. Amazon has a variety of lunch pails. From Barbie, Batman, Mickey Mouse, and even Green Hornet.

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