Jason Aldean's Baby Boy Celebrates Star Wars Day

Jason Aldean's baby boy Memphis may be new to this world, but he's already a fan of a galaxy far, far away. And since today is 'Star Wars Day,' Aldean thought it appropriate that Memphis show off his fandom.

In a photoshopped picture posted to Aldean's Twitter, a wide-eyed Memphis dresses in Obi Wan Kenobi's classic garb from the films. He's also yielding Kenobi's blue lightsaber (careful with that, little guy). Of course, that's only Memphis' face, but it's still precious.

Aldean included hash tags that read "Happy Star Wars Day," "Jedi Memphis," "The force is strong with this one," "May the fourth" and "May the force be with you." Check out the adorable picture below.

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For those unfamiliar, today is Star Wars Day because May 4th out loud is "May the fourth," which sounds like "May the force," which is the beginning of the classic Star Wars slogan, "May the force be with you."

A bit nerdy? Perhaps. But it's a lot of fun for fans of the franchise, arguably the most popular franchise in the world. Twitter even created custom hash tag emojis to go with the slogan. Who knew the Aldeans were such big fans?

And clearly they choose Star Wars over Star Trek. Because Star Trek's "First Contact Day" (April 5) came and went with nary a peep from young Memphis.

Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany welcomed their newborn son Memphis in December. The little guy quickly became a celebrity in his own right, thanks to adorable pictures he parents share on their social media accounts.

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