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Pickled Bologna, Your Favorite Weird Childhood Snack, is Available Online

Bologna sandwiches aren't necessarily a delicacy, but once you become nostalgic about childhood meals you ate for lunch, everything sounds delicious. Bologna is considered a Southern staple, and for some, a favorite plate. Did you know Elvis Presley's cook, Mary Jenkins Langston, found a way to spice up bologna by barbecuing it? Add this lunch meat to your shopping list along with a cold beer to wash it all down.

The King of Rock'n'Roll was no stranger to bologna. What made the dish special was the mix. Vinegar, lemon juice, red pepper, and salt added a kick. Maybe you haven't had barbecued bologna or fried bologna, but it's possible that your parents picked up pickled bologna for you at the grocery store as a treat.

Koegel's Pickled Bologna

Koegel's gluten-free pickled ring bologna is packed in spiced vinegar. An amazing customer who reviewed said it's the same recipe she grew up with. It's so reassuring to hear that some childhood favorites still taste the same. Sometimes it truly feels good to say, "some things never change."

The ingredients are a combination of good quality pork and beef, along with dextrose, paprika, garlic powder, nonfat dry milk, sodium nitrite, and sodium erythorbate. If you'd like to try and make your own hot pickled bologna, check out this recipe. Bay leaves, mustard seeds, and peppercorns go a long way!

You might have many of these ingredients at home already. Crushed red pepper flakes, white vinegar, spices, non-fat dry milk, and sugar are among the few things needed for this recipe. If you're not sure what you can make with pickled bologna, start with appetizers and easy meals.

A yummy meal we all love is hot dogs. If you're used to the regular old hot dogs you buy at the grocery store, change it up with some pickled bologna. For appetizers, try a bologna ring with some saltine crackers. It would be a hit at your next dinner party!


Don't forget, you could always have yourself a good old fried bologna sandwich. This one might be a little better though. With pickling spices, surely it will be one of the best sandwiches you've had since you were a kid.

Hannah's pickled sausage recipe is made with chicken, pork, and beef. Customers love them!

If you're already been inspired and checked out Google for a pickled egg recipe, look no further than Amazon. There are 46 pickled eggs in this glass jar.

This post was originally published on September 24, 2019.