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Cracker Barrel's New Retro Collection Is a Taste of Nostalgic Americana

Cracker Barrel is more than just a restaurant, it's an experience. If you, like me, spent your childhood meeting family there for birthday dinners or because someone just craved that Double Fudge Coca-Cola Cake, it brings back memories of wandering around the storefront and wishing you could have all of the candy on the shelves. No matter how long the wait is at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, there's always time to shop while everyone else waits in the rocking chairs on the porch. Now, shopping just got even better because Cracker Barrel debuted the Retro Collection online and in stores.

Designed to "take everything you loved about the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s," the collection runs the gamut from kitchen accessories to wall decor to t-shirts. I picked three items (it was hard to narrow it down, y'all!) that I'd love in my own home. From odes to America to an old school white wood vinyl record storage crate, Cracker Barrel really does have it all.

1. "Mom's Diner" Neon Sign

This retro design harkens back to the good ol' diner days when you would cozy up to the counter for a milkshake and fries to share with your date. Cracker Barrel stores knew that this color scheme, especially, would bring that old time feeling back.

Surprise your momma for Mother's Day this year with a nostalgic piece of home decor that reminds her of a time when Dolly Parton was on the jukebox and the hardest decision was deciding between savory or sweet grits. This will easily be her favorite thing in the kitchen. Find it online here.

2. Coca-Cola Float and Slushy Maker

This is Cracker Barrel, after all, so you know there will be some Coca-Cola nostalgia in the collection. This slushy maker includes a special slushy spoon made for mixing. Simply place the inside of the cup inside the freezer and add the ingredients when cool.

Your ingredients will freeze in minutes as you stir, creating a tasty cool drink. Try anything from a Coca-Cola slushy to an orange ice cream float inside. Find it online here.

3. Jadeite Butter Dishes

Jadeite is having a resurgence in kitchenware, first in the Pioneer Woman's Walmart collection and now at Cracker Barrel. This butter dish isn't the only vintage jadeite offering, as the Retro Collection also has straw dispensers, syrup dispensers, and ice cream bowls. Talk about retro!

The next time you bake up some hot corn muffins, you'll be glad you got this retro butter dish. It might even take you back to grandma's kitchen. Find it online here.

For even more gift ideas, check out the Cracker Barrel online shop or head on over to your local restaurant.

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