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The Most Stuf Oreos Are Coming Back!

Get your giant mug of milk ready, the Most Stuf Oreos are back and ready for the holiday season! The huge Oreo cookies were introduced earlier this year, giving the Double Stuf Oreos and Mega Stuf Oreo cookies a run for their money. Most cookie lovers can agree that the best part of the Oreo cookie is the creme filling and the chocolate cookies are just a vehicle to get them into your mouth. Whether you eat them whole (monstrosity!) or break open the cookie and eat the creme first, nothing beats the taste of Oreo creme. And you know which limited edition cookie has the most creme filling? The Most Stuf Oreo!

What Are The Most Stuf Oreos?

Made with real cocoa, this new cookie is made for the creme lover in your life. Stuffed with the most creme, (just sit these limited edition cookies next to an original oreo and you'll really see the difference), these sandwich cookies are practically three times the size of regular Oreos. A normal package of Oreos contains 39 cookies and the Most Stuf Oreos only contain 18.

There's no set date yet on when these cookies will hit store shelves. Oreo confirmed with Delish that they will be available this Winter, however that could mean at the beginning of the new year which would be close to when they were released last year.

In the meantime, you can munch on some Oreo flavors you haven't gotten to try yet including Carrot Cake Oreos, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oreos, Maple Creme Oreos, and Mystery Oreos. If you find yourself really craving some Oreo Creme, stock up on a pack of Mega Stuf Oreos and break two in half, and scrape the creme onto one cookie. It won't be the cleanest, but it's the best you can do in this dire time.

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