New Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kats to Hit Shelves for the Holidays

'Tis the season of creative candy bars! So far this year we've gotten our fair share of limited edition holiday candy. From Jalapeno M&M's and mint chocolate Kit Kats, to Snickers Pecan, 2019 has been quite the year of tasty treats. But we can't stop now, the holiday season is on the way and you can be sure that they'll be a whole new batch of sweets you'll be hoping to find in your stocking. First up, new Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kats.

The Holidays are Set to be Sweeter with New Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kats

According to the sneak peek of the packaging, the new flavor features all the crunch and crispy bite from "crisp wafers in sweet cinnamon flavored chocolate". It seems like the cinnamon flavor is hinted in the milk chocolate coating, for a hint of spiciness. According to Taste of Home, the limited-time flavor is like eating a cinnamon bun. Personally, I think it tastes more like a steaming mug of Mexican hot chocolate. Whichever way you look at it, these little candies would be perfect with a glass of eggnog or eaten by the handful (no judging here!).

When will Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kats be Available?

According to Hershey, the sweet cinnamon flavor will be hitting major retailers in November, giving you ample time to serve them at all your Christmas parties and get-togethers. One thing to note, the new kit kat bars are only available as miniatures this holiday season. It's understandable because these candies will most likely be placed on coffee tables and in stockings.

We will keep you updated when the chocolate candy launches, but until then enjoy Fall by grabbing yourself a bag of Pumpkin Pie Kit Kats and enjoying the crisp Autumn air before the huge snowstorm comes.

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