Mars Released a New Pecan Snickers Bar And It Sold Out in Less Than 24 Hours

Sometimes the news cycle is quick, and sometimes it is quick. In less than 24 hours we learned about the new Snickers Pecan bar, salivated over it, and cried when we realized the limited-edition pecan snickers bar were already sold out. Earlier this month the candy company took part in 'The Great American Nut Search' where it asked fans from across the United States what nut they would most like to see in their candy bar. Cashews from Florida, pistachios from California and macadamia nuts from Hawaii were all top contenders, but Snickers lovers from Texas were the most passionate and took the lead, prompting famous snickers bars to be stuffed with delicious pecans.

"We were eager to involve our fans in developing our newest flavor innovation," said Josh Olken, Brand Director on SNICKERS shared in a press release. "It turned out that fans from Texas and across the south are nuts about pecans and wanted to taste America's native nut in our iconic candy bar. We hope our fans are as excited to try the limited-edition SNICKERS Pecan Bar as we are proud to produce them right in our Waco plant."

According to the brand, the limited-edition Snickers pecan bar features the caramel and milk chocolate of the classic snickers bar with an addition of Texas pecans in place of the classic peanuts.

Will The Limited-Edition Pecan Snickers Ever Come Back?


The bars, which were only available in custom-curated boxes containing 15 SNICKERS Pecan Bars, sold out almost immediately, leaving many candy lovers wondering how to get one. While there is no news yet about if the new bar will be released again, hopeful fans can enter their email address at to receive the latest news if the limited time bar drops again. Let's keep our Texas fingers crossed.

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