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Dolly Parton Confesses Crush on 'The Tonight Show' Host Jimmy Fallon


Dolly Parton revealed her current celebrity crush in a cover story for W magazine, and it's not a usual suspect like Tanya Tucker's dream date, Kevin Costner. Instead, Parton gushed about her admiration for The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.

"Well, I have a crush on Jimmy Fallon, but I'm big now, I can't excuse myself on that!" Parton said. "I think he is precious. He's so funny. We get along so good."

The country music legend reckons that the attraction's there in part because she's always clicked with late-night talk show hosts.

"Sometimes you never know who you're gonna connect with," she explained. "I've always had good luck with late-night guys, you know? I always had a nice relationship with David Letterman and with Johnny Carson. I guess there's something about that late-night people that kinda hits my fancy and I hit theirs somehow. I guess it's 'cause you feel like you can be more free late at night. You don't have to worry about what you say."


The Parton and Fallon friendship has even brought us a duet: a rendition of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You," as heard on the 2020s A Holly Dolly Christmas.

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Parton's been happily married to Carl Dean for over 50 years--happy enough to recreate her iconic Playboy cover for his 79th birthday. Still, she's not one to keep secret her admiration for certain celebrities.

"I love boys. I still do," she said. "In the early days, I had a big crush on Johnny Cash. He was young and skinny, and he just had that magnetism. The way he moved around -- you know, so sexy. I found out later he was just having withdrawals from drugs, but it still touched me. He was so, so sexy."


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