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Tanya Tucker Says the Only Man She'd Marry is Kevin Costner

Country legend Tanya Tucker avoided at least one Nashville cliche over the years by never getting caught up in a tabloid-ready divorce. Despite high-profile romances with the likes of "Rhinestone Cowboy" singer Glen Campbell and songwriter Jerry Laseter, the "Delta Dawn" singer skipped an acrimonious split by never getting married.

However, there's one Hollywood celebrity and country music fan with the looks and talent to cause Tucker to stray from her "never married, never will" claims: Yellowstone star Kevin Costner.

In a 2016 interview with Dan Rather, Tucker explained why, if they were both single, Kevin Costner would be her ideal match.

"I just think he's such a doll. He's my kinda man. If he were single and met on a certain night...," Tucker told Dan Rather during a 2016 interview for his AXS TV series The Big Interview. "I met him in his home, and we had a ball talking music because he's so into music. We started singing a little song together, and I can't remember what the dang song was. It was a really special night. I met his fiance that night. Of course, they went and got married and have three kids. But if there was another one like him..."

For Tucker, marriage just wasn't a priority.

"I've always been afraid of getting married because so many people divorced," she told Rather. "And I thought, I wanted to have children and I wanted to have the picket fence, but it just didn't work out for me."

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Although Tucker respects the bounds of Costner's marriage, she still hopes to connect again on a professional level.

"My bucket list would be to do a film with him and for him to do a music video on one of the songs I have on my new album. I'd like for him to direct it," she adds.

Tucker also hopes to someday cut a song with Costner, a talented country singer and guitarist in his own right and the frontman of Modern West.

"I want to do a duet album, so I'll hit him up again for that because he's really into that," she says.

The country icon's been no stranger to the California jet set through the course of her life. For example, she's been friends with Texas native Dennis Quaid for years, and the old pals attended Loretta Lynn's birthday party together in 2019.

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