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'Yellowstone' Gifts for the Biggest John and Beth Dutton Fans


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Haven't we all imagined being a ranch hand for the Dutton family? You can now show your love for the Dutton family with a Yellowstone TV series Dutton Ranch hat and Beth Dutton shirt. Amazon has Yellowstone fan merchandise out, and we haven't been this excited about TV show apparel since Friday Night Lights Dillon High football shirts.

You too can look like Kayce Dutton with your lookalike hat. Our dream boys, Kevin Costner and Luke Grimes, sure do look good in their Dutton Ranch hats, but so would you. Grab something from off this list, and you'll look like the cutest ranch hand in Yellowstone.

Where to Watch Yellowstone

You can stream Yellowstone on Peacock with a subscription. Or you can watch it on The Paramount Network if you have a cable subscription. (Log in with your cable provider information.)


You can also stream the spin-off 1883 on Paramount+. It is a Paramount+ original, so that's why you'll need two streaming platforms to enjoy both shows, anytime, anywhere.

Another option is to buy DVD sets on Amazon if you're opposed to streaming, but if you have a Roku Stick, you'll love having access to your favorite streaming platforms at the click of a button! Season five will begin filming soon, so get ready for an exciting season this year by rewatching the series and stocking up on your favorite Yellowstone merch.

The Paramount Network even makes useful Yellowstone kitchen items! Our pals over at Wide Open Eats rounded up some fun products for your favorite cook.

Yellowstone T-Shirts & Hats

1. Beth Dutton State of Mind Shirt for Women

"Don't make me go Beth Dutton on you!" I love it. If Beth Dutton is your everything, you have to go with this graphic tee, ladies. You can even order the Yellowstone shirt in a tank top style.


Pair this tee shirt with a pair of leggings and plaid flannel for a comfy Sunday afternoon look. Show off your Dutton attitude with this shirt.

2. Beth Dutton State of Mind Hoodie



A Beth Dutton T-shirt is great and all, but how about a hoodie for chilly days outside?


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3. Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Logo Hat

Rip would look too cute in this hat! It's unisex so that anyone can pull this hat off. There's an adjustable buckle on the back. It's a steal, too! Priced right under $30, you and the entire family can show their love for Yellowstone off. Christmas will be here before you know it. These caps would make awesome stocking stuffers.

Know any Yellowstone fans? Get this hat for them and yourself. It makes a great hat for a Sunday trip to the grocery store. It'll be a nice conversation starter. Might as well have a nice conversation about Yellowstone to brighten your day!

4. Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Women's T-Shirt

This short-sleeve Dutton ranch Montana tee is everything!


There's a lot of Yellowstone-inspired apparel to match your new hat. A Dutton Ranch hat and shirt make a simple and affordable Halloween costume. If you're going for a John Dutton look, trade out the Dutton cap for a cowboy hat.

5. YourTops John Dutton for President Star T-Shirt for Women

Dutton 2024? I'm all in.

This TV show shirt is too perfect. I think we can all relate.

7. Beth Dutton Cute T Shirt Funny

I love the Yellowstone don't make me go Beth Dutton on you shirt in gray! This graphic T-shirt has been trending since the TV show became popular.

This crewneck Yellowstone TV shirt is too cute. I can't wait to wear this bestseller out to brunch!


Calling all Rip Wheeler fans. He makes ranching look fun, huh? The Yellowstone TV show kind of makes me want to try it for a day!

Be sure to refer to the size chart for your new Dutton ranch T-shirt!

If you didn't have Yellowstone apparel for the season four finale, don't worry, Yellowstone will be back for season five! The shipping time is quick on these items (just a few business days for some), so you'll get it just in time.

This post was originally published on August 29, 2019.


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