30 DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas Anyone Can Make

A DIY your loved ones won't forget.

Outside of getting surprised with boxes of chocolate and going out to a fancy, romantic dinner, Valentine's Day as an adult can feel a bit lackluster. As kids, February 14th was serious business. We DIY-ed our own miniature mailboxes, helped our parents prep heart-shaped treats to share, and made sure every single person in our class got a special Valentine. It was a whole production.

If it's been a long time since you handed out a Valentine's Day card, you're not alone. As adults, it's easy to dismiss February 14th as just another day on the calendar. Unless you're exchanging gifts with a significant other or celebrating "Parks and Recreation's" feminist alternative Galentine's Day, odds are you're not filling out a bunch of Barbie-themed cards.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't. DIY Valentine's Day cards are a sweet and memorable gesture and easier to make than you might think.

"There is nothing disingenuous about an intimate, handwritten note," Megan Vered writes in an essay for Shondaland about continuing her late mother's tradition of mailing Valentine's Day cards. "As it turns out, when I craft a love note, it also triggers a feel-good dopamine rush for me. Putting pen to paper in this way not only brings a smile to the face of the recipient, but it also makes the sender happy."

So, if you want to follow Vered's lead and spread some love this February 14th, here are 30 DIY Valentine's Day card ideas that anyone can make — and everyone will love to receive. And be sure to check out our Valentine's gifts for women ideas and don't forget about your Valentine's Day chocolate.

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