9 Valentine Mailboxes To Make at Home

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, which means it's time once again for Valentine's Day cards. If your kid's school does a classroom Valentine card swap, they're going to need something fun to hold all those cards. We've collected some of the cutest DIY Valentine mailbox ideas out there and we know that your little one will just love them.

All of these Valentine box ideas are easy to make and require things you should have around the house. And all of them have easy-to-follow tutorials so that you and your kids can enjoy working on the project together. And even if your kid doesn't have a class party this year, it's still fun to make these Valentine's Day crafts together.

Another great thing about these mailboxes is that they work for other occasions, too. Your kids can make them for birthday parties as a way to collect cards then.

Here are nine of our favorite DIY Valentine mailbox ideas.

Panda Valentine Card Box

This adorable box comes from Artsy Fartsy Mama. She's got instructions on how to make a puppy dog box as well.

Find instructions here.

Bee Valentine Box

Go with a different Valentine mailbox shape with this Bumble Bee box from I Heart Crafty Things. You'll need an oatmeal container, round doilies, construction paper, pipe cleaners, and large googly eyes.

Find instructions here.

DIY Pom-Pom Heart Valentines Box

This box is so simple to make. All you need is a heart-shaped box and lots of little pom-poms.

Find instructions here.

Monster Valentine Box

Make this cute monster box by Skip To My Lou using a shoebox. You can customize it so that your kid has a monster of their very own.

Find instructions here.

LEGO Valentine's Box

If your kid is a LEGO fan, they'll love making this Valentine mailbox with a family-size tissue box. And as a bonus, there are instructions for how to make LEGO cards, too!

Find instructions here.

Rocket Box

This DIY Valentine mailbox is for your aspiring astronaut. You'll need three cylinders, one large and two smaller plus a lot of aluminum foil. The how-to walks you through the whole easy and fun process.

Find instructions here.

Puppy Love Valentine Mailbox

Frog Prince Paperie has free printable template to make these super cute Valentine's Day mailboxes.

Find instructions here.

DIY Easy Valentine Keepers

If you don't have a cardboard box around, but you've got a couple of paper or plastic plates, you can still make an awesome DIY Valentine mailbox.

Find instructions here.

Cereal Box Valentine Holder

Turn a cereal box into an adorable card holder with its very own handle so that your kid can easily carry their cards home!

Find instructions here.

DIY Dog Valentines Mailbox

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